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Limo prices

What is average for Limo prices?  We have the boys who will have to be picked up about a half hour away from the church.  The girls and I will be about 10 seconds from the church, then we will all need to go in one limo to get pictures and be taken to the reception.  Finance and I would also like to take the limo the the hotel that night as well.  What is the best way to do pricing?

Re: Limo prices

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    Just call some limo places- Albert's, ETA...
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    I'm getting a 26 passanger limo bus for 1300....that's picking the guys up at 3:00..dropping them off at church 15 minute away, picking girls up at 3:40 and dropping at church 30 secs away...taking to pictures and then to reception at 7:30.We also got a stretch limo to take me and my FI home after the wedding for $200
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    most places will require a 3 hour minimum for your bridal party.  if you want a car to drive you home after they will probably just flat rate that.  But the pricing depends on how big (how many passengers) of a vehicle you need. 
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