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Anybody have any boudoir photog suggestions?

I'm looking for a good experienced boudoir photog. Preferably in the southeast so it won't be a lot of travel. I'm in N.C. I was given two suggestions but I didn't like their websites much. Anybody else have some ideas? I have a small photog business on the side so I'm not able to hire Leah, unfortunately. I'm getting a little worried that I might just have to cancel this idea...

Re: Anybody have any boudoir photog suggestions?

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    I don't know much about that area where you live, but maybe if you lurk on the NC local board you might find something. Just an idea.
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    So if you're a photog, you can't hire Leah... that doesn't seem fair...  I don't know much about NC but I'll let you know if I find anything out...  Don't give up though, you'll figure it out.  GL!
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    Oh no, Leah was so sweet and nice about it. She is a true professional. Lot's of successful photographer have problems with other people copying their work and not giving them credit, which is a terrible thing. It happens a lot these days. Her work is top of the line in that business and so beautiful. So you girls should shoot her an email if you are looking for this service because as a photographer I was overwhelmed at the amazing way she uses light.So anyway, I was just searching for some new suggestions...Thanks girls.
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