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Hi Ladies,  Today is my birthday and I just wanted to see how you spend your birthdays? FI is taking me to the Sox game tonight! Look for me behind home plate wearing a tacky happy birthday tiara. What's your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?:) Stef

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    My birthday was a week ago and we tailgated at the polo game. I make my own gourmet cake each year, something unusual... plus, we got ice cream at Eskimo King. We always try to have an outing and a nice meal. It was nice, but my two closest friends seem to have forgotten me completely! We've been exchanging gifts for 20 years and no call, card, package, etc. They don't know each other and are out of state. Skye
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    Happy Birthday Stef! We spent my last birthday relaxing at home & then going out to dinner & for drinks with friends. 
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    Happy Birthday Stef! The sox game sounds like a pretty good way to spend the day! My birthdays are usually spent with food, family, and cake-pretty standard. Have fun :)
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    Awww happy birthday!!I'm a big lover of surprises so usually I get surprised somehow...my birthday is April 1st (Fool's Day)! And usually a nice dinner somewhere :-)Have fun tonight!
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    Mine was last Saturday and we started with lunch at my favorite diner in Providence, then did a vineyard tour and tasting at a winery in Connecticut, then we went to dinner at Mystic Pizza (he balked at a "pizza joint" dinner, but I insisted and it's a sit-down restaurant, anyway, not a counter service kind of place!) and then we went back to Providence for dessert with at my friends' house and met their new puppy. Good day! It was a birthday weekend, though, as we did cake with his family the next day and then went to Gillette's Castle on Monday with my family. Ha ha - stretch it out as long as you can, right?
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    happy birthday stef!! it's my FFIL's bday too! the sox game should be great!!! my bday was actually last Tues, and like Kristen, I try to drag out the celebrating as long as I can sooo the weekend before we went whitewater rafting and then spent a night in Portland...then on Tues I took off from work and sat in the sun all day and then went to dinner with FI (new 1149 in EP--greaaat!)...then this Sat we went to dinner with friends and we just got back from a cookout for my FFIL's bday today...I'm a party animal hahaaa =)
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    Happy Birthday Stef!
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