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Busy week ahead w/ only 21 days left...

So, this past week we have finished menu cards ccompletely and program design (just have to order paper for the programs and print).  Also, got my son fitted for his little tux (he is going to be so stinkin' cute and he is so excited about being so involved in the special day).  Picked up my dress on Friday and so happy the working out has been paying off as it looks fantastic.This week I have 2 days of personal training, 3 days of fitness boot camp, final meeting with DJ, final meeting with florist, bachelorette weekend (yes, I said weekend) next weekend...  Oh, not to mention I have to fit work in there somewhere. Hope everyone has a productive week.

Re: Busy week ahead w/ only 21 days left...

  • katiek200katiek200 member
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    Wow you are busy!! If I may ask, are you trying to lose weight before the wedding or just trying to get really toned for the day? With 90 days to go I'm feeling crunch time for being in shape!
  • jodipplsjodippls member
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    It's getting so close! I am in awe of your workout schedule. I wish I had the energy for that. Have fun at your bachelorette weekend.
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  • OSheasOSheas member
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    Iinitially trying to lose weight, but now that I have lost that extra fat I am trying to get tone. My dress was tight in the hips, but now my butt/hips has shunk in size, so I am pleased with that. Now, just trying to get my upper body in great shape for my strapless dress... The working out helps with wedding and work stress, so I figured I should continue to do it or I will go crazy.  I am super excited about the bachelorette weekend to relax for a weekend with nothing wedding related.
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