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Has anyone heard that wearing pearls on your wedding day is bad luck? I was emailing my future sis in law and she said that where they're from (Peru) it's not a custome to wear pearls because of bad luck. I'm not sure if that's just a South American thing or I'm oblivious. lol

Re: Pearls?

  • Wearing pearls: this is one of those wedding myths with both bad luck and good luck meanings. The ominous version of this myth holds that pearls represent future tears; thus wearing them will bring many tears and heartache in the marriage. The luckier version of this implies that the pearls take the place of the bride's real tears, thus she'll have a happy, tear-free wedding.
  • I've never heard of pearls being bad luck on your wedding day, I'm planning on wearing my grandma's pearl earrings for my "something old".
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  • I've heard that pearls are bad luck.  I don't own pearls, so it didn't really matter.
  • it is a south american thing but i dont believe it so i wore pearls :)
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  • I wore pearls and have had 31 years of a good marriage and blessed family.  I'm hoping my fdil will choose to wear them also.
  • I've heard it's bad luck. I'm not superstitious. I will be wearing them anyway.
  • tradition used to be that pearls on your ring were bad luck because theyre tear-shaped and it represented misery way back when... nowadays it seems like everyone wears pearls!
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