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Hopes, goals for 5770?

Do you have any hopes, goals, aspirations for the year 5770? 5769 was not a particularly good year for us, the flip side of the "for better or worse" equation. Although we had a wonderful vacation in France, a last minute romantic weekend getaway in Dublin and a few other fun trips, it was a year filled with loss, tension and disapapointment, so I can only hope that 5770 will be better. In 5770 I am hoping to receive my MSN, become a nurse practitioner and begin my career. Although it is unlikely I will become a parent in 5770, I am really hopeful that I will either be expecting a child or at least be in the middle of an IVF cycle. I am hopeful that the positive, upbeat person I once was will make a return in 5770.
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Re: Hopes, goals for 5770?

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    We hope to start trying in 5770. I would love to work on losing weight (I've been up and down the last few months).We're looking at moving, too (too many renovations needed where we are).Mo - -best wishes to you!
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    I will certainly send some baby dust to those of you hoping to try for a little blessing this coming year! Being a mom (even though I've only been doing it for 2 weeks) is amazing and is truly life's greatest gift!In 5770, my goal is to live every day to the fullest, to cherish Eli's milestones, to be a kinder person to my husband (I am actually NICER as a sleep deprived mom than a preggo), and to grow as a person. I don't really have any specific goals, but DH and I are already talking about another baby....he keeps reminding me of my promise to not try to get knocked up before Eli's 1st birthday......but I am ready right now (of course I still have 4 weeks off per the doc)!
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    Not big on resolutions, per se - my plan is just the usual - try not to stress out so much and to develop patience (which leads to stress which leads to me biting the heads off of others). Otherwise, I'm glad to get the year out of the way and looking forward to the road ahead - which will consist of getting married and, G-d willing, starting a family, trying to develop better relations with my in-laws and FI's friends (a toughie), and just being myself - I feel like too many aren't taking me at face value and I'm no longer looking to change just for others to "like me."
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    Mo, sweetie, I wish all of those things for you!!! We had 3.5 terrible years before this one (pregnancy losses, tragic family deaths, diseases, etc....) so I know how very hard it can be.... My hopes for this year are to deliver a healthy baby and that both Glenn and I are healthy.  And, I hope and pray that I can be the mother that I believe I was meant to be.  I also hope to go back and use our one frozen embryo later this year and trust G-d's wil with what happens. Mo - I hope this didn't hurt you.  I want all of this for you, as well, and will add you to my prayers this Rosh Hashanah weekend.
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    Dearest Molly, I wish you a wonderful year, and that all of the uncertainties and ambiguities result in a pregnancy that is healthy and happy for both you and Jason. Ladies, I wish you all the very best this coming year - good health, lots of happiness, less stress and more joy, and for all of us to have peace here in the States and in Israel and all over the world. For us, it was a very exciting but mixed year; we got married but are struggling with infertility (I have PCOS and haven't ovulated on my own), and we are very happy where we are professionally, although anticipating some changes as Ben graduates his cardiology fellowship and begins looking for work.  Unfortunately, my Grandmother has been ill, so I hope that her health improves this year. I hope that this year, our families are healthy and happy, that we do end up ovulating and getting pregnant; I hope that Ben gets a wonderful job as a cardiologist once he is done with fellowship with a good group; I hope that I can get licensed in a neighboring state and start my private practice in PA and NJ on top of my day job, and that I can start working on getting board-certified in clinical health psychology (basically getting an advanced specialty license, not just being a Ph.D. like now, but Ph.D., A.B.P.P.). L'Shana Tovah, everyone!  Here is to hope.
  • edited December 2011 I had to come back and post again after reading the PPs....I hope ALL of you are blessed with the many things you are such wonderful women, and you do so much for others. You all deserve the very best of Hashem's blessings in the coming year! As the newest mommy, I TRULY wish for ALL of you who desire to be blessed as I have been. I have PCOS (like I know others do, on here) and since I was diagnosed when I was 18 I always feared that I would never see this day. I highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility if you haven't read it. Amazing book, and by following the steps and learning about my body, we were blessed with our little miracle. For those of you struggling, please don't give up hope....LBR - you are such an inspiration to others when it comes to perserverance. Anyway, I will stop babbling now....if any of you want to talk (about babies or whatever) I am available......I can give you my email, phone number, IM, whatever you need.....I love the community we have created here, and I think THAT is one of the things I am most thankful for!
    The Knot won't share my Bump Siggy, so here's the low-down: 4/27/07 - Got engaged! 8/31/08 - Got married (to my best friend)! 12/30/08 - Got Pregnant! 9/3/09 - Welcome to the world, Elias Solomon! 8/16/10 - Got Pregnant, again! 5/14/11 - Welcome to the world, Talia Hadassah! 1/14/12 - Ready or not, here comes #3 (EDD 9/27/12)
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    JoelsGirl, I haven't heard of that book - I'd love if you could send me the Amazon reference.  Thank you; I appreciate all of your good wishes, as does everyone else I'm sure.  We have created quite a wonderful community here; I'm proud of all of us!D
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