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Budget too small :(

My fiance and myself are paying for the wedding ourselves. We may get a little money here and there but we're not expecting much. Needless to say our budget will probably be less than $4000. I have started planning and our wedding party will be very small (probably less than 40). Has anyone had a wedding this small and still had it in a nice place? I don't want to end up in my backyard but after seeing prices of some of these wedding sites and receptions I don't know that I will have any other choice. Help!

Re: Budget too small :(

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    I know it is VERY discouraging at first. My budget is about $5,000 and the first half dozen places I tried just couldn't work.Check out the thread I started, people have given a few very good suggestions that seem to be within my budget. Several charge per person, which should be perfect for you.Good luck and don't get too down, you'll have a gorgeous wedding! :)
  • dlbrousdlbrous member
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    I agree. Don't get discouraged. With a small crowd I think you'll be able to do some really nice things with your budget. Just figure out what your priorities are for the event...which usually is atmosphere, food etc. and keep exploring. everyone is really helpful on here along with as the larger boards like planning & etiquette, DIY, and budget weddings. hope this helps!
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  • ashleyhurt86ashleyhurt86 member
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    wow $4000 for 40 you're doing good we've got about $4000 for a 100 guests *we're doing brunch and catering most of the food ourselves and yes it will be a backyard reception but at least it's a pretty backyard*go check out the budget brides board they offer lots of good advice. find your priorties and spend on them and scrimp elsewhere ex lots of money to the food little to the decor
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    I have a budget of about $5000. We are going to have between 150-200 guests. My and FI's family will be doing the food and our reception will be held at a Knights of Columbus hall. The hall was $400 and the food will be around $1000. If you have people to help with the food maybe you could do something like this.
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    Hi. Cheer up! Never think of your budget as too small...it may present some real challenges but it can be beautiful. First, envision what type of wedding you would like to have. What elements are really important to you? A dress, church, bridesmaids, reception? Which elements are you willing to compromise a little or a lot? What is the single most important element? If you are willing to put in a lot of research you can accomplish beautiful results. I have been involved in helping friends plan their weddings for many years. I planned my daughter's wedding after Hurricane Katrina, after losing everything I own, and while living in an area I was not familiar with...so I know the importance of research. Just be flexible and think outside the box!!! Contact [email protected]
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    i think you'll be fine on your budget and your guest list. have you thought of going outside of baton rouge? perhaps st. francisville, there are really nice and beautiful venues there, desert plantation and rosemund gardens are two that come to mind. also be honest with vendors and let them know how much you have to spend and they may be able to work out a menu, etc for you within your budget.
  • supernaesupernae member
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    I would really recommend doing it at a church, where it's a one-shot ceremony and reception for a low price. If you aren't particularly religious, you can still ask any of your friends or family members if you could set up a meeting with their pastor or something to that effect. I go to church at Trinity Lutheran and there is some beautiful stained glass inside the church. There is also a very small garden area that, if your wedding party is as small as you say, you might be able to hold it outdoors if that's what you want. Usually churches have tables, chairs, and sometimes even sound systems at their disposal that you can use so that you don't have to rent them...a real plus! Also a friend of mine just got married at Victory Harvest on North Flannery. It was beautiful and small...maybe 60 in attendance. They had a cute outdoors area where they held it, and an assembley hall that had enough room for tables and a dance floor. I guess the only downside to having a wedding at a church is that you can't really play any music that might be considered offensive during the ceremony/reception. As far as photography goes, try and find a photography student at LSU that is willing to cut you an awesome deal, and get the pictures developed yourself at Walgreens or Walmart. It's a ton of extra work, but it the pay-off is worth it, I'm sure. ANOTHER thing, but you have to act on this quickly, is that "The Bridal Party," a dress shop out in Denham, is going out of buisness and they have some fabulous gowns for super cheap. Some of the designer dresses I tried on there were as low as $300. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I was amazed. It's located in antique alley. Maybe take your mom or MOH out on an adventure through Denham. The rest of antique alley is a lot of fun to look through, and there's a farmers market on saturday mornings close by. Make a day out of it! hope this helps.
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