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December 2009 Weddings

My first wedding nightmare....

So the other night I had the worst nightmare I've had in a LOOONNNG time. It was the day of my wedding and my dress hadn't been alterned so it was wayyy too big and my BM's dress hadn't been taken to be altered either. To add to the panic, my invitations were still sitting on my kitchen table needing to be completed so no one got one. So I run frantically to a mall to find someone to do the alterations last minute and a big storm blows in and produces a tornado so we're stuck in this mall that has a movie thature and bowling alley in it. So my mom and I end up sitting in a movie until the tornado leaves and by that time it's too late to get married and we have to do it another day. WTF subconscious?!?! haha I guess I'm stressing a little more than I'm willing to accept and it's coming out in my dreams.... 104 days

Re: My first wedding nightmare....

  • I had my first nightmare on Saturday. It started with a tornado and just got worse from that point on. I'm glad I'm not the only one with tornados on my wedding day though. :-)
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  • Aww that's a pretty bad one! I've been having a few nightmares lately too. My ones before always involved things I hadn't gotten done yet, like getting to the wedding day and realizing I didn't have a hair/make-up person or that my bridemaids were wearing absolutely hideous dresses. My latest ones have been kind of annoying. I keep having the wedding but not remembering anything that happened during the ceremony or reception, and only realize I got married on like the 3rd day of the HM. I keep telling everyone I don't believe that it really happened because I can't remember it, and they're just like, no, you got married! Go look at your pictures! So annoying. I really hope I can remember it all when it finally does happen!
  • sassifras626-- i'm glad I'm not the only one that dreams about tornados! It's so radom becuase in San Antonio we don't really have any lol linzlars-- I hope you remember your wedding!! You've paid too much to forget any of it!! haha
  • linzlars, I had that nightmare that the wedding already happened and I don't remember too.   Last night I dreamt that my bridesmaids invited friends from high school to my bachlorette that aren't invited to the wedding!
  • My friend just realized the other day that it's only three months to my wedding (December 19th). So she said, "Hey, it's okay if you get pregnant now. Nobody will know!" Ever since then I've been having nightmares about getting pregnant and my dress not fitting. Agh.
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