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My most favorite (and surprising!) RSVP

So my ex and I dated for 5.5 years (lived together 5 years) before I up and left him. I was single for about 2 years before I met J. My ex and I were eventually able to remain friends and he's friends with J, now, too. We invited him to the festivities, but didn't think he would come. He had stated he would probably be uncomfortable and wouldn't want to put himself in that position. He obviously knows most of my family and friends, so it's not like he wouldn't know anybody. Regardless, he was weary and we were slightly bummed yet understanding. Well, I just got in to work and he sent an email saying "I'm a +1 for your wedding thingy". Whoot! That's awesome news! My ex is a great guy, and although we dated for so long, we were always better off friends. He is someone that we know will always be a part of our lives and we're both super stoked he is coming. YAY!!!

Re: My most favorite (and surprising!) RSVP

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