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Multiple Entree Selection on RSVPs

I have a quick question maybe someone could help answer. I am in the process of making my RSVP post-cards. We are going to have a chicken option, ham option, vegtarian option, and a kids meal. Does anyone have an ide of how to instruct people how to indicate which entree they would like (i.e. putting your intials for which meal)? Any help/adivce/thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Multiple Entree Selection on RSVPs

  • Y'know I haven't seen this on an invite in a long time! The more customary thing now is to have people choose on the day of the reception, they tell the waiter what they want from the menu card placed at their table. That's what we're doing for our wedding. I think you'd put a little blank line before "___ Chicken", "___ Ham", "___ Vegetarian" and "___ Children's" to indicate how many of each one they wish to have at the meal. I makes the RSVP a little more crowded but you can prob get it all in there.
  • I am doing a choice of entree which is selected on the rsvp card, and then I am supposed to find some way to mark which entree was chosen by each guest on their placecard so they "magically" get served the right entree at the wedding.  I think our rsvp card is going to say:"please initial each guests' choice of entree___ chicken   ____ ham.... "  that way you know who is getting what not just how many of each. 
  • Some of the Bs on my local board had problems with ppl understanding initials by their entree choice (yeah, I agree, it shouldn't be that difficult).  I totally copied our RSVPs from this bride, Heather who I found when I searched diy pocketfolds. She used Microsoft Publisher. I made our RSVPs this summer.  They weren't that hard, just time consuming.  I have my summers off so I finished quickly. Here's what Heather's look like and her site:http://roadtotheaisle.blogspot.com/2008/04/theyre-ready-for-their-close-up.html
  • My placecards says ___chicken, ____beef _____vegetarian.  I have to give the caterer a number of each but day of they ask the guests what they would like to have.  They told me it's not a problem if people change their mind the number just gives them an idea.
  • I'm glad you asked this question. Shoot! I didn't even think about how I would know who wants which meal when they send back their RSVP. At my venue, they asked for a seating chart of who's having which meal. Arrgghhh! I guess I'll have to make some phone calls as the RSVPs come back to find out who's having what. My invites are being printed as we speak.
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  • Thanks to everyone for help on this one. I really appreciate it!
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