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October 2011 Weddings

Hello Brides!!

Hello Ladies!I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laura I am getting married October 7, 2011. How is everyone?!

Re: Hello Brides!!

  • Hey ladies! My name is Jessica, I was originally a March 10, 2010 bride but due to my FH, MOH and brother (who's also a groomsman) being in the Army and having completely different deployment schedules, we decided to wait until FH gets out of the military. Barring MOH and brother deploying in the fall of '11 and not being able to come home for leave, we're planning on an October wedding.
  • I'm not sure if anyone will read this b/c it's an hold thread, but I'm semi-new to the knot. My date is also oct. 7, 2011 :) I joined the knot when a friend of mine got married, but havent been on it in a very long time! So i'm glad to be back!   We got engaged the end of last year, and just set the date about a few months ago. Butterflykissez-- how much have you planned so far?
  • Hey countrygrl, welcome back to theknot! I love it here, I've been using it for over three years. I picked up The Knot magazine just out of curiosity at WalMart and was hooked, decided I wanted to be a wedding coordinator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  • countrygirl:I haven't really done much. We have book our reception hall and caterer. I wish I could post more pictures but the hall is being renovated so as soon as it finished I will post a ton of pictures of it. I have chosen to use Sangria from David's Bridal. I want to accent with fall foliage such as the greens, oranges, and golds. I haven't really put anything together so the accent colors may change. I have some ideas on my bio that I would like to create for the wedding. So far I have bought the funkins (fake pumpkins) and my cousin for is an artist is carving out the pumpkins for us. We are planning on putting the battery tealight flickering candles inside and place the pumpkins around for the fall theme. Check out my bio for more ideas that I have found throughout my "research" here on theknot. The girls here have amazing ideas. Has anyone else planned anything?
  • Hello Everyone, My name is Shaina and I'm getting married October 22, 2011. I am new to the Knot boards, but I've been using the Knot since I got engaged about two years ago. I have to say I love the guestlist application-- So handy. :) I've never been a huge fan of message boards, but so far I'm loving everyone's ideas and suggestions. It's been are really great, supportive community-- Considering I'm the only one of my friends and family getting married or is engaged, it's nice to have some people to talk to that are going through the same process. I've heard tell of the "Snarky Brides" board... I'll probably stay away from that! :)
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  • Laura, how much did your funkins cost and about how many did you buy? I've seen them and the only site I've looked at so far, they were over $25 a piece, I got discouraged after that and didn't even look anywhere else. If they can be found for cheaper, I'd LOVE to use them at my Halloween reception.Shaina, welcome to the boards. I'm the same way, I have been on The Knot for about three years but have only started using the boards in the past few months. I don't usually use them on other sites but I love the idea of talking to other brides on the same timeline and I'm the only person I know getting married any time soon.
  • Jessica: I got them at AC Moore. They were 19.99 but I used a 40% coupon on each one. They allow one coupon per customer per visit so I took some people with me. I do know that they can be purchased at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels, they are the local craft stores near me. All three stores have 40% and 50% coupons each week. They are really helpful.
  • Oh that is amazing! The best thing about having to postpone our date is that I have two years of Fall and Halloween clearance items and now I'll have to add funkins to my list :)
  • Laura-- We have alot done. We had been engaged for a few months before we picked a date because we werent sure if we were going to have a year or a 2 year engagement. But we have the reception/ceremony site booked and all of the major vendors. It's a HUGE relief so now we dont have to rush to find anything or pay off anything, it's going to be a very relaxing engagement. I'm still finishing up my two BA degrees, I have about 7 months left and we're both working full time so we're a little stressed as is haha!
  • Countrygrl:It is so much of a relief knowing that the payments won't be coming so early for the wedding, I agree with you 100%! Best of luck earning your two BA degrees. I too am a full time college student. I am earning two BA degrees as well. I graduate this coming May! I am very excited and focused on school right now more than the wedding, so once I graduate the wedding will have 100% of my focus :) BEST OF LUCK!!
  • Wow!! You ladies have a lot of stuff done compared to me. Well, kinda. I don't have any of the big stuff done. I do have whos going to make my cake(for free luckily), my photographer(FIs stepmom) and my wedding party. That's about it.   I'm glad to see there are more girls starting to show up. Welcome to all of you.
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  • I have my dress and we are putting the deposit on the reception site in the next 2 weeks, we have a D.J., working on the church and limo.  I want as much of the big stuff done as possible so I can enjoy this time and not stress.
  • Hi everyone! My name is Ricki and I am getting married on one of the Fridays in October 2011 lol. We are waiting to book the hall a few more months to save up for a deposit but we are set on 10/2011. I've been using The Knot for a few weeks now and I LOVE it! We are having an Art Deco/1930s themed wedding, which reflects our own personal style to the T and I cannot wait! Nice to read everyone's entrees on here! Ricki <3
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  • Oh I think you're theme is great!!!! That is going to turn out wonderful!!!
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  • Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I was previously an october 2010 bride, however due to financial reasons and my fiance's deployment to Afghanistan we decided to push it back a year. Hopefully our date will be October 22. I haven't done anything yet other than researching and buying small items. I feel like I need to get on the ball with reserving reception sites!
  • Hello Ladies!!! I am a October 7, 2011 bride also... Congrats to all of you Knotties!! Let's get the ball rolling...
  • Hello!! This is my first knot post :D I got engaged two weeks ago and we have set the date for October 15th, 2011! I am super excited to approach fall this year and start seeing sites as they may look for our future fall date :) Does anyone have any color ideas? I'm still considering a lot of options at this point.
  • Oh yay, I thought I'd be the only one over here already!! I registered 6 months ago when we started planning an August 2010 wedding, but we had a loooong summer . . . I got laid off from my job (economy . . . boss had to sell the business), then we had several thousands of dollars worth of car repairs needed (just when we could afford it the least), and then my FIs sweet mother had a stroke (she's bounced back something amazing and is doing awesome now). So our savings was needed for more pressing things. So then we had to decide if we wanted to get married on our original date and possibly struggle with money and have no honeymoon, or just postpone the whole thing and do what we want but save for another year. We decided we waited this long, it won't kill us and we'll always be happy we got the wedding we wanted. But it's kinda lonely - I'm excited we're back on track, but aside from looking at pics on the Knot, there's not much planning to be done right now! I am looking at venues though . . .
  • hollyquinn, we're date twins!!!
  • Hello all newcomers!!! I'm glad to see our board is starting to get new faces since we still have a little over 2 years to go.
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  • Hi, I'm Krystle! Wow..several of us have a 10.8.11 wedding...I chose my day in memory of my father...that was my parents first anniversary and without it..there'd be no me...he died last sept. and this is my way of honoring their love by starting my own marriage on their special day!! I'm so excited..but sad at the same time that he won't be there to experience it...

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  • Hi everyone! I want to introduce myself, too. My name is Jen and I am getting married 10/8/11. It seems to be a popular date!! We chose it because I've always wanted a fall wedding and all of the beautiful colors will be in full swing. I have an idea of what I want in my mind, but nothing has been booked yet. We have looked at a couple of places, but probably won't do anything until after the first of the year. All the more time to enjoy being engaged :-)
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