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Need help for my bridal luncheon

My grandmother is throwing me a bridal luncheon at the country club they belong to and has pretty much given me free reign to do whatever I want for the planning which means that I (along with the help on my Maid of Honors) will be planning the event. I plan to invite more than just my bridal party such as close family members and good friends. At the luncheon I of course want to give thanks to my bridal party and my mother for all of their love, support and help through the wedding planning process. The luncheon will take place the weekend before my wedding in May. I haven't decided on a sit down or buffet style lunch. Before I can begin planning I need to start with some sort of "theme" or color scheme at the very least. My wedding colors are a light skyish blue and a lemonade yellow. My wedding is a very casual (AND PREPPY!!!) so I am thinking that with the country club feel, the luncheon could be a great opportunity to have a more formal. elegant luncheon.... I realize I am talking in circles here so I will! I am in desperate need of ideas from you ladies!!!!! THANK YOU!!

Re: Need help for my bridal luncheon

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    For a more formal feel sit down is nicer particularly for a smaller group. Keep the wedding colors and do that. Somehow I have mental images of hard lemonaid with frozen blueberries floating in it . Very Lilly Pultzer style A light ladies lunch will be lovely
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    I think sticking with your wedding colors is fine.  If it's at a country club you probably don't need to 'dress it up' too much.  Maybe just a few simple flower arrangements in your colors, serve sparkling lemonade or some other yellow punch, etc.I'm a bit confused about why you'd be inviting ladies who aren't members of the wedding party or immediate female family members since the purpose of the luncheon is to thank your moms and wedding party.  With that purpose in mind, I'm also confused as to why you're enlisting your MOHs to help you plan the lunch.  Just my opinion, but if the point of the lunch is to thank them for all of their love and support, it's counter-productive to ask them to help you plan it and put it on. 
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    Ditto KJ. This might help: Q&A: Bridesmaids: Who's Invited to the Bridesmaid Luncheon? Q. I want to know more about who should be invited to the bridesmaid luncheon. The bridesmaids are obviously invited, but are there any unspoken rules about certain family and friends I should invite? Or is it up to the bride hosting the luncheon? A. A bridesmaid luncheon is different than a shower -- it's really just meant to be a time for the bride and her maids to bond before the wedding. The party is not mandatory and can be as casual or formal as you want it to be. Generally, the bride treats her maids to dinner, lunch, a high tea -- even happy hour at a favorite bar or an afternoon of manicures and massages.
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