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Anyone out there planning a Convalidation ceremony?

DH and I are already married but are working on his annulment and whenever that goes through (probably a yr or so) we are going to have our convalidation ceremony... and I would love to hear from other ladies who might be planning one. I am not going to go all out and try to have bridesmaids and everything all over again, but I do want to make it nice and memorable. It's mainly just going to be us, and possibly my mom and my brother (witnesses). Anyone else doing this? My priest said we can go as big or as small as we want. I am interested in hearing what other people have done in this situation?

Re: Anyone out there planning a Convalidation ceremony?

  • I think your small, morning ceremony sounds great. A brunch or light lunch afterwards would be a great way to share some extra time with your closest family and friends. Dont get discouraged by the time it takes to process or by people like ffmaid (who I'm sure has never done anything questionable in the eyes of the church ever.)
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