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I had my food tasting today...i'm thinking about doing a menu

Hi, everyone,I went to the Omni today for my tasting, and they surprised me, they made traditional food from where I am, the chef went above and beyond...We are both happy!!! Anyways....I was taking to my wedding planner and Oh my linens are expensive, I wanted to change the standard white short tablecloth for a champange romance all the way to the floor tablecloth and each tablecloth is $24....of course I don't have to many tables, but i'm still thinking it...ANYWAYS, even though it is going to be a buffet style dinner, I was thinking that since everything is being so personlized, then I would like to make a menu, so people know what they are eating....Please, anybody with ideas for menus, styles, wording for a buffet menu, I will appreciate it! Thanks a lot!!!Ah...by the way I finished my website....www.mywedding.com/frankdianavargas




Re: I had my food tasting today...i'm thinking about doing a menu

  • clseale13clseale13 member
    edited December 2011
    That's so awesome that they did that for you! The website looks great. What are you doing right now? Come to the Bonefish on San Jose. Knottie GTG stat! ;)
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