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Help - Negotiating With Baker

Hello ladies...I was wondering if any of you could provide some assistance to my small dilemma.I have been feverously searching for the right bakery to do our cake...after visiting and doing several test tastings with alot bakeries, I've narrowed down my list down to the top bakeries I like.  Each bakery was given the same exact sample cake design picture to work from and each were given the same exact specifications I would like to be incorporated into "our" cake design but of course each bakery provided different per slice pricing, which is what I expected.Here's my problem - out of those top bakeries, there is only ONE bakery (let's call it Bakery #4) that I really really want to work with - the others are just "ok" but their pricing is alot less Bakery #4.How do I properly and effectively negotiate Bakery #4 to accept the quotes of their counterparts/competition to achieve what I want, which is to get Bakery #4 to make our cake but for a much reasonable price??...TIA for any assistance you can provide.

Re: Help - Negotiating With Baker

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    I can see your attempts to "negotiate" ticking off baker number 4 and you'll end up with your second choice doing your cake. Whatever makes Baker #4 stand out above the rest is probably what creates/commands the higher prices.
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    Ditto pp.  IF all 4 bakers are on the same plane here as far as quality, taste, ability you might be able to say, "this is our budget - is there anyway you can work with that to do the cake we want?"If you are trying to get an accomplished baker to lower her prices to those of someone who isn't very good, your not going to get much of anywhere.Ask her if she can work with your budget.
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    You may have to make some sacrifices with Bakery #4 if you really want to work with them - smaller cake, fewer fancy extras, no upgrades, etc - see if they can work within your budget but do be mentally be prepared maybe to have to give up some of the extra stuff that drives up cost. Just okay bakeries will of course cost less. ;-)  GL!
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    hmmm, so going in and discussing the various quotes from other bakeries with Bakery #4 IS NOT the way to handle it; it would be best to just ask if she could work with our budget of "xyz" to achieve the cake design we want instead...simple, to the point and WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE...duh?!...LOL!...thx ladies for your input....hopefully it works out and she'll agree to work with us. oh to give some more background info (not that either of you or anyone asked but sometimes it helps to get a clearer picture of the situation) - Bakery #4 is a very reputable (sp) local bakery HOWEVER her prices are extremely higher than the other local bakeries that have the same reputation and that's the reason why I initially thought it would be a good idea to bring in their quotes to her as a comparison and bargaining tool...but I did not want it to come off as an offense to her either. so the suggestions are well received and very much appreciated!  ;)
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    Ask #4 what she can do to work at least closer to your budget.But she know exactly where her prices fall in comparison to the other bakeries and there is likely a reason she charges more (from using better ingredients or being more skilled to just having no trouble getting the price she asks) so it's unlikely that aiming for her to essentially price match will be successful.Every baker has specialties - things they are the most comfortable doing. Allowing them a  bit of freedom with the cake and asking them for advice to make the cake work within your budget (by being flexible) is the most likely way to bring costs down.
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