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Niemerg’s Steakhouse in Effingham?

My fiance and I are exploring new caterers now because of the new site and we have heard about Niemerg's and heard about how cheap they are. Which they for sure are cheap! But I want to know how the food and service is.. has anyone heard anything about them or tasted their food? Thanks!

Re: Niemerg’s Steakhouse in Effingham?

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    I have eaten there a few times for my grandparent's anniversary's.  I have also been to a wedding where the food was catered from Niemerg's.  I liked the food.  If you are looking for good home cooked meal for your reception then it is a great place. 
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    I am using Niemerg's for my wedding. The food is pretty good...home cooked comfort food. And it is really cheap. We are having them cater to Marshall and it's still only $4.10 per person.
  • MrsK09MrsK09 member
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    They catered my brother's wedding last May and the food was great as always, the service, not so much...  They told us that they were overbooked and were catering 18 weddings that day!  They weren't super helpful in clearing the buffet out (it was set up on the dance floor at their tent reception) and they just piled up all the the leftovers and didn't put them away (which they were supposed to do) so I ended up carrying tubs of leftover gravy and noodles into the venue in my bridesmaid's dress as did my mom and the bride's mom. In my opinion the family of the bride and groom shouldn't be hauling around tubs of gravy DURING the reception!!  But their food is great and I have been to a lot of events that they have catered and this was the only time I have ever seen issues with their service, maybe you should see how many weddings they are catering on your wedding day!
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