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New Hampshire

Invitations too eager????

I'm a little embarassed I ordered some cool homemade paper and seeded computer paper. I'm creating my own invitations from scratch.  I'm wondering if I am getting too eager or if it is okay to start working on them.  Date 8/28/10

Re: Invitations too eager????

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    I don't think it's to early, it's going to take plenty of time I'm sure to get the right layout you want and then to put them all together. I'm not getting married till July 2, 2011 and FI asked me last night if he could start getting ideas together for our invites and STDs - He might be a little early but I like that he is excited to startworking on stuff.Good Luck!
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    It's not to early at all.  DIY invitations take a lot of effort and time (which is why I DIDN'T do them.) :) My advice, though, as with anything else, don't do anything this early that you can't tweak or adjust if your style or tastes change over the next several months.  I wouldn't print them, for example.  I changed my ceremony time RIGHT before ordering my invitations, after having it at the original time for over a year. 
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    I agree, I think it's great to start figuring out what you want, but maybe a little too early to print them all! Details or taste may change a little in that time.Maybe make an example or two and save the file on your computer (and back up just incase!).  DIY does take a long time so it's great to be so far ahead!
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    I don't think it's too early to start thinking about them, but like PP said, I wouldn't print them all yet.  My venue actually told me not to print my invites until after I have my first couple of meetings with them.
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    I have started working on mockups on my computer and print some occasional to get a nice "hard copy" of it.  I've been going back and forth and tweaking the design for a few months now and it's great to have so much time.I definitely agree with PP that you shouldn't print them ALL this early.  I know it's tempting, but I almost did that as well, and then my reception venue went bankrupt.  If I had printed the invites, I'd have to start all over again.  Also, like PP said, you might tweak some details like moving your ceremony a half hour later, or something like that.
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    As PP have mentioned.  It is great to get a head start and work on them, just save the printing.  I started *working* on this last March and things have changed, not drastically but enough to hold out to print everything.I did cut my papers and assembled all of my pocket folds in  and wedding is next May.Good Luck!  Post some pictures when you have some designs :)
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    I've had all my materials since January. Wait though! I'll probably start working on mine in March.
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