Possible first dance song...

I was thinking of using "This Year's Love" by David Gray for my first dance ...any thoughts?? I have always taken it to be a love song, but a friend of mine interpreted it as a breakup song...?

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    I've always considered it to be a love song. I don't know for sure though. I looked up the lyrics and he almost sounds spiteful without the music behind it. But putting that aside, the dance should be a song that means something to both of you, even if others would find it strange.For example, my dad and I have decided to use "Sky Blue and Black" by Jackson Browne for our father-daughter dance. It's actually a song about the end of a relationship, and my mother finds it to be morbid. But my dad and I chose it because we both have a love for Jackson Browne's music.Sorry for the rambling, but what I'm getting at is you should pick a song that you guys love, no matter what anyone says the meaning might be.
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    That's a beautiful choice. David Gray is my favorite musician of all time, so I'm a little bit biased.. but I think it's a beautiful song and I think it would be fine to use as a first dance song. The part that goes, "When you kiss me on that midnight street.." is so amazing.
    We're married, woo!
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    Has anyone ever though of Seasons of Love that is from Rent?  It talks about Love and didn't know? Any thoughts?
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    I just went to a wedding on Friday night and thats the song that they danced too....I was balling, perfect song! Wish I had thought of it.
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