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August 2009 Weddings

You know what I hate:

When feminist women tell me that it is not ok to follow my husband to grad school. You don't know my husband or me so shut up.  Oh yeah don't call me a worker bee when you work in low level nonprofit and you are lets see. . .  40.  What fresh college gradurate starts a nonprofit in their first year?Now Your turn! 

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Re: You know what I hate:

  • Low pressure systems moving in and not only making it rain, but giving me a headache. Mondays.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Job hunting. Can someone hire me now please? Kthx.

    Now jumping domestically.


    Well that was a crazy couple of years.

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  • Menial tasks. No, I will not clean out an office as a favor.  The agency has employees who do that -- use them.
  • feeling like poop.  hate feeling like poop. that's all for today.
  • i really really reallly hate telemarketers! they just dont get it! STOP CALLING!!! lol
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  • Jet lag! DH and I got back from our HM on Thursday, and I still can't sleep normal hours. And... The bratty drunk kids who decided to throw a dance party on our corner at 5am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm sorry, be being awoken to the techno version of Satisfaction is not my idea of a good time.
  • Employees who argue with me about certain labor or other laws. It's not a company policy, it's the law and I can't tell you that it's okay not to comply. Then they get mad at me like it's my fault.
  • I hate people who, chew with their mouth open. Don't say please or thank you and  Know-it-all's.
  • Mondays.
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  • I hate lazy, inconsiderate people and texting while driving. UGH!
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  • I hate lactose. Long night...that is all. DK, if you have dogs, let them talk to the telemarketers. They generally stop calling houses with crazy heavy breathers.
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  • People who act like they're better than you because they went to college and you didn't. You know, despite the fact that it's going on 9 years now and they still haven't finished their bachelors degree and still live at home with mommy and daddy and have never had a real job. Besides, some of us aren't exactly sure what we want to do yet and don't want to waste time and money on school if we aren't even sure about what we want to do with it yet!Feeling like my wedding wasn't good enough. I hate this feeling. I watched too many TV shows, looked through too many brides beautiful pictures and just feel like my wedding didn't measure up. It was good, don't get me wrong but it wasn't the best wedding ever.. So many people say that their wedding day was the most magical day of their lives yada yada yada.. I don't know. I liked it, it was pretty, but the day almost didn't feel real. Like, it didn't really feel like my wedding day somehow.
  • haha snoopy! thats a great idea. I usually just talk to them like ive known em for years, that usually helps, but still there are more and more that call everyday. Dont put your # on the international do not call list, i think its a scam cause i get more calls now than i did before i was on that list. I also hate guys that wont talk to me (when i was working) about the job i do. Im a welder and used to be a mechanic, men hate it when you know more about that stuff than they do
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  • The subway system that runs late so I get to work ages late.
  • I hate how my boss feels like he doesn't need to call me to say that he changed the schedule for this week. My co-worker friend texted me yesterday to say that I have completely different shifts starting tomorow when I go back to work - Ive been off since Saturday when he changed the schedule. So if co-worker friend didn't tell me, I'd be really late tomorrow. Good job, boss.
  • I hate that it is getting cold already. I mean fall just started! Our house is an old house (like with original skeleton key locks on the doors and no central heat and air old) and while I find it charming it's impossible to heat for all the drafts and the fact that there's hardly any insulation! We're out of our lease as of a few weeks ago and considering moving but we can't find a place within our budget that allows pets :(
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  • When my boss goes out of town and doesn't tell me he's going, because I can't do the work I need to do if he isn't here to sign stuff, etc.Our broken microwave.
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