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Very Strange Gift

So we've been married now almost 2 months and I just received a really weird gift in the mail today.  It's from a girl who I invited last minute because she kept saying she would like to come as my friends' dates and we had plenty of space and she's become a lot more integrated into my friend group the last year and is now living with one of my best friends.  So she didn't have much time to get a gift - I'll give her that.  But she gave us: a Guestbook!??  What are we suppose to do with a guestbook??  And even if she had given it to us at the wedding we wouldn't have opened it until after the wedding.  So confused as to where she was going with that gift.  How should I write a thank you?  We can't use it for anything.

Re: Very Strange Gift

  • Brads GirlBrads Girl member
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    hahahah sorry that just made me crack up at work, and now my co-workers know I am really loosing my mind :) I have no clue what you should do with it.....sell it??? Maybe write something like "thank you so much for the wedding gift, it was so thoughtful of you.   we are so glad that you were able to make it to the wedding and share in our special day."
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    Oh man, how funny and talk about clueless! Was it the only thing on your registry uncompleted? Did she intend to give it to you earlier? Crazy!! Hey, I know, say you'll save it for your 50th anniversary party. :0)
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    hahahaha has she never been to a wedding?!?! EBAY IT!
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    HAhaha this cracks me up. Not sure where she was going with it, but get a good chuckle out of it, write an unspecific thank you note, and file that away under "Silliness"
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    I'm sorry--that level of cluelessness is just annoying!Sell it on Ebay or theknot, I guess.
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    Ha! Now that's a funny one.
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    So weird!  She wrote our names, <3 her name, and the wedding date in the front so can't sell it. What is even weirder is I was telling my best friend about it and she said right before the wedding she was telling her how excited she was about her gift!  Crazy. I invited her the week of so she had no intention of seeing me before the wedding.  Plus we didn't even have a book - we had wine bottles.  Maybe its suppose to be for people who visit us out here?
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    That's what I was going to say... SOme people keep books in their home for guests who visit to write a little message. My grandparents definitely had this by their front door for years with a nice pen. My parents got one as a gift that they put out at parties sometimes. ...so maybe it was meant as a for your (potentially new) home type of gift? just give her the benefit of the doubt. :p
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    That does seem a bit strange IMO.  Could you use it as a scrapbook? 
  • jkeprosjkepros member
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    I'm guessing she means you to use it in your home.  If you have a guestroom, you can put it in there with a nice pen.  A bit old fashioned, but I am sure well intentioned.  :)  Just write a nice, generic thank you.
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    I'm beginning to think that visitors must be where she was going.  I just wish she had indicated that in a card or in the cover or something.  Then DH would not have immediately put it in the trash (it was in a box so I just took it out and threw away the box).  I'm not sure if our guests will buy into it - but the idea is cute. 
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