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Bah Tuesday

I think Tuesdays bum me out - Phil is in class until 9:30, so I don't really see him today. There's only one advantage to this: I can sob on the couch while watching the Biggest Loser. On the other hand, I usually have candy in hand for this - I suck at cooking for just myself.

Re: Bah Tuesday

  • I can relate to every aspect of this post. Sean works until 10 every single night, so I'm always stuck watching TV by myself... which in the case of the Biggest Loser, almost always results in my crying while I'm eating ice cream. I also do not cook for myself. I'd rather pay someone $6 to make me a delicious sub.
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  • Trey watches Biggest Loser with me and laughs at me for crying.
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  • Weird. Andrew also has class on Tuesdays till 9:30. I also watch TV and eat by myself, but haven't gotten into the Biggest Loser.... maybe I should start.
  • Generally I hate Tuesdays because I have class til 915, but tonight is cancelled! I could not be more excited to just go home and lounge. Well, really I'll be reading for the rest of the week's classes.
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  • Aw. Im the opposite. Waylon works late on Mondays and Wednesday so I look forward to Tuesday nights...and I dont watch the biggest loser or any tv show for that matter.
  • I hate Tuesday too. I have class til 8:25 and my husband Eddie works til 9:30.

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  • I actually wouldn't mind an evening at home alone once in a while. V gets Wednesday evenings because I have choir practice. But yeah, if I were to make this happen you'd better believe I'd be having ramen for dinner.
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  • Tuesdays Shawn usually goes to poker with the guys or plays softball (when in season).  So I usually catch up on some DVR'ed shows.But I do cook for myself.  If I don't eat I get headaches and become a raging biotch, and I'm waaaaay to lazy to drive somewhere for pick-up!
  • Aw, I know how you feel except for me it's Wednesdays. It's nice to have a little alone time here and there though. I usually watch whatever's on, usually baseball, and cook dinner because he eats when he gets home. Oh and since I DVR the Biggest Loser, I too eat ice-cream while watching the show which makes me feel guilty.

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  • We are opposite at my house. I have school Monday's and Thursday so DH gets the alone time at home. He usually doesn't cook for himself either, so by the time I get home we eat ramen or mac and cheese. Just something easy!
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  • I can relate, too.  Jim works until 9:00 and with commute time doesn't get home until around 9:30 p.m.  I putter around all by myself for about three hours each evening.  It's good when I am taking a class though - I have time for homework.
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