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I'm all done...sigh...

Well, it's 12 days to the wedding. This year of planning has been the best of my life! Being engaged to the most wonderful man on the planet... just so great. Anyway... I'm done with basically everything. Dropped off all the things at the venue today and finalized details... that's pretty much it... I sat on FI's lap and had a little cry. I can't believe it's done. And now... just the final countdown... toward the happiest day...Thanks everyone for all your help. :-) I have to admit, I am perhaps KUI but nonetheless, very happy and grateful.-Kelly
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Re: I'm all done...sigh...

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    That's great that you have everything done and can just relax and enjoy the countdown! Go out for a nice quiet dinner with your Fi one night and enjoy being engaged.
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    I can't wait for that day- next Tuesday for me!  Have you been stalking the forecast yet???
  • richkatmrichkatm member
    edited December 2011
    This exciting! I can't wait for that day either! I'm at 14 day's...I think. It's gone by so fast! Congratulations and good luck!
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    edited December 2011
    I'm a week out myself.  I've got to pick up some cash to pay those vendors we are paying on the day, bathe a couple of dogs we are taking with us, and pack.  But other than that, we're pretty much done.
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    Congrats to all of you! These last few days will go by so fast.Kelly, way to go on being 12 days out and just about done :-) Really take advantage of this time to just breathe deeply and make the days as long as possible. You don't get them back, and they go so fast :-) Much love!
  • cazzysmithcazzysmith member
    edited December 2011
    I'm jealous that you're done w/ all your checks 12 days in advance...I'm sure I won't pull that off!Enjoy the 12 days and enjoy the BIG DAY!
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    Thanks ladies!! Congrats to you all too! I think that's great advice, to just breathe... I've been controlling how much I let myself get excited over the past few weeks/months because of the things left to accomplish. It would stress me out to think about the emotional side too much. I'm a task master with myself. Virgo all the way. NOW.... I can let go a little and enjoy it! Knowing this about myself, I did this on purpose. I wanted to have time to let myself feel the excitement without it stressing me out. :-) 2dbride, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes with having to bathe the two dogs! Sounds like a major chore... I don't know, my only point of reference is Turner and Hooch. Maybe it's not always that hard. ;-)
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