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New Hampshire

Thursday Evening Wedding

Has anyone had a Thursday evening wedding?  I'd like to hear how it went.  We are tossing the idea around.

Re: Thursday Evening Wedding

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    Didn't have one, but if most of your guests are local and won't be overly inconvenienced, go for it!  If you have a lot of people coming in from out of town, it might not go over well.  Some people might look forward to an early start to the weekend though.  :)What are you envisioning?
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    Well we have a guest list of approx. 75 which is limiting us with a lot of venues because of the minimums.  All of our family is within a 2 hour drive of either the venues we pick.  It's just immediate family and friends.  I just want everyone to hang out and have a good time but also don't want to inconvenience everyone.
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    I would not do a Thursday night wedding - I had my wedding on a Saturday night because I knew it would be the most convenient for all of my guests. Budget restictions make having an "off peak" wedding sound like an excellent idea BUT I would choose either a Friday or a Sunday over a Thursday. A Thursday night wedding would require your guests to potentially take 2 days of from work. It sounds like your guests are all "in the area" so you may have guests that decide to go to work on Friday after the wedding. We went to a Sunday night wedding (an hour from home) and we were happy to be there celebrating with our friends but we were not able to stay for the entire reception because we both had to get up early the next day to work. I found myself checking my watch part of the evening.It's a tough choice. GL!
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    I agree with pp. It could work if need be however, I would worry that guests would not stay the whole event or show up later due to working that day.  I personally would not have a Thursday night wedding even though 95% of our guests lived within an hour of our venue. We thought about having it on a Friday night but still, we were faced with having to start things later so that people wouldn't have to leave work early or get stuck in weekend traffic. I think an off season or peak wedding is a great idea if budget is a concern because not only will you get better pricing from your reception venue, but possibly other vendors as well AND you'll certainly be able to pick just about anyone without worrying that they're already booked if you have an "off season" wedding! You'll save a ton of money this way and be able to have a really great affair! GL and have fun with planning :)
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    I don't think I would go to a Thursday wedding unless it was a VERY close friend or family.  I have a lot going on during the week and I can't take Fridays off. Have you looked into having a winter wedding?  In New England, I've seen a lot of venues give heavy discounts for January, February and March brides.  Of course you have the chance of snow, but I think you could have a really beautiful wedding in the winter months. Good Luck!
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