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Name Change - I promised I would comment about the process

I went to the SS office today to change my name. I was prepared for the worst and got the best. Hamilton County was very quick to get our marriage license back, so we had it when we returned from our honeymoon. I went to the SS office today about 11am. I decided to miss the lunch rush which was a good idea since its fairly busy when you wait until after 12. The process was very quick. I was lucky enough to have only two others in front of me so it was painless. Note of suggestion. HAVE EVERYTHING READY. The lady in the office said I was the first out of 10 today that had all of my documents ready.1. Go online and get the application. Its only a page to fill out and painless. 2. Take your old card with you. They will require you to turn it in.3. Have a photo id ready (DL or passport)4. Take your notarized marriage license. They will ask to see it.I was in and out in 20 minutes which I think is close to record time. You can immediately change your DL with the documents they give you (I didnt since I  look like butt today at work) and you can change everything else. Good luck. Sorry so long!!!

Re: Name Change - I promised I would comment about the process

  • catbarnes09catbarnes09 member
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    Never be sorry about providing invaluable information! THANK YOU so much. Getting to change my name is as exciting to me as the wedding, so it's good to know it was relatively painless!
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    Kelklump- they made you turn in the old SS card? I just did mine 2 weeks ago and they didn't. OOPS on their part I guess. Mine was pretty painless too, so any Dayton/Montgomery County ladies, no worries. I just had to go to the courthouse downtown and ask for a notarized copy of our license. Then SS is across the street. BMV is down the block. I was able to get it all done in about an hour and a half... surprisingly, BMV took the longest!
  • hccpsuhccpsu member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the information!  I'm dreading the name change process (I don't really want to change my name, but it's really important to DF). This is a dumb question, but does the county mail you a notarized copy?  I'm assuming the officiant files the paperwork, and then the county mails you a license? We're getting married in Savannah, so I guess I'd better check there how the process is handled!  We're in a bit of an "oops" situation if we have to go get it in person after it's filed  :)
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    For us, (Montgomery County) we had to call, see if it was ready, then go get it. Not sure about others, you may want to check on that.
  • tia0314tia0314 member
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    I have been married 5 weeks now and have not received mine. I'm a little frustrated since I'm starting a new job and moving into an apt. I keep thinking I'm going to get arrested since I have strated using my new last name, but my SS card and DL still have my old name. ahh! I got married in Clermont County so if anyone has any idea how long it takes, please fill me in. My sister-in-law said it took her like 3 months to get everythng. Boo!
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    About notorized copy - yes, that's what they send you (at least in Hamilton County but I think that's standard). I had to wait about 45 minutes to get my SS# changed but it only took 10 minutes for my new drivers license. The easiest thing was changing my credit card. They just took the info over the phone - no proof necessary. I guess they can cross reference the SS#. I'm waiting on my passport a little while just so that I have one "official" thing in my old last name.
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    Hey ladies,Just thought I'd jump in about something I forgot to change when I was changing everything else: my student loans.Like PP's have said, changing the SS card and DL (even in NYC) was quick and easy, as was changing my name at the bank (brought in a copy - no need for certified) to Chase, on our utilities (just called them), and the credit cards (just called them).  But somehow I forgot the student loan companies.They actually need to see a copy of your certificate, though it doesn't need to be notarized, and it can either be faxed or mailed.Just a friendly PSA.  :)
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    Ladies, I am an insurance agent and just a recommendation to call your insurance agent and 1) change your name but 2) change your marital status to married as this USUALLY gets you a better rate on your auto insurance!  Be prepared however, if you don't have your new husband on your policy, they may want his information to add him as a driver on your policy (this could be good or bad if he has some driving history lol) You will need Name, DOB, SSN, Drivers license number. We don't require proof of marriage but others may?  Good luck!
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