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August 2009 Weddings

Poll: Anything You Would Have Done Differently...

about your wedding? There were a couple I things I wish I would have done differently (like hire a videographer), but couldn't because of our shoestring budget: The main thing I wish we could have done differently was to be more outgoing for our pictures. Granted, our photographer is amazing (ask Joshan, we booked the same photographer). But, being the extremely shy people that we are, we both hate drawing attention to ourselves, which made it a little unconfortable for DH having all eyes in our direction the whole day. He jokes that he needed a "stand-in" for the ceremony. I refused to wear glasses the entire day because I hate how I look wearing them. If you've glanced at our proofing site a couple of weeks ago, you can see clearly see that we're camera shy and we're not magazine-quality eye-candy, either, so certain shots that work for other couples didn't always work for us. Our photographer being the professional she is, worked with that shyness and played with it a bit to get the best out of us. So the end result is having a couple of camera-shy people, who obviously adore each other, on their wedding day being as outgoing as we're were going to get that day. Okay, now that I got that off my chest (in a good way), what would you have done differently? Would it have really mattered in the end? Now it's your turn and GO!
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Re: Poll: Anything You Would Have Done Differently...

  • Hmmm, well for the longest time I said that I wouldn't have changed anything, but I've changed my mind. I wish we would have hired a videographer. I didn't think it was necessary because my brother-in-law videotaped it for us. All we really wanted a video for was to show it to my step-dad and Kyle's grandpa who were sick and unable to make it to the wedding, and I didn't think that we needed a professional quality video to show them. Well, I was wrong. I recently found out that my brother-in-law accidentally taped over the ceremony with the reception, so now we don't have a video to show them. I am, however, very happy that we hired a great photographer since we don't have any video :)
  • Wish there had been money for a videographer, wish I could have afforded dining canopies... but at 500$ each (and I would have needed 4), that was a total no go.
  • Not that I didn't like my wedding, because I did, but there's a number of things I would have done differently if not for budget constraints... more photographers, videographer (probably), dancing, music, different food (though I liked what we had), had a destination wedding in HI (because all of DH's family is in better shape to travel than my dad who couldn't come up here). I think just the location and photographers would have made a difference though. Nothing much else.
  • I would've skipped the bra.  It's the one thing that really irritates me in the pictures.  The cups in my strapless are too big since I've lost weight.  I had planned on taking it off, but I was running late getting ready and forgot to take it off before my MOH did the corset.  So my dress sticks out a little in the boobage area.  No one notices but me (I think) but it really drives me nuts.Everything else was perfect!
  • - I would have given the photographer a must-take list. Looking back there are some things I really wanted, like Manuel's reaction when I walked in to the church, that I didn't get. But, hopefully that will be on our video. At the end of the day, we did have a wonderful day with awesome memories, but that's my only regret.

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  • I would've shelled out for a hotel suite to get ready in; we had access to a bridal ready room at our venue, but that nearly turned into a disaster, which meant fewer on-campus pictures. The pictures we got on campus were awesome, but we were running short on time thanks to the whole bridal room issue.Stupid as this sounds, I also wish I'd trusted my gut and gotten some bottles of tequila just in case; the venue coordinator assured us we'd have some, but no. My uncles were disappointed.Not anything major. In the end I was pretty happy.
  • Oh to answer your second question, i don't think it would have made a difference during the day. And now, although there are some pics that we wistfully wish we had, we pretty quickly accepted that it is what it is, this is all part of the 'package' of the wedding day and we're pretty happy with what we've got. And hey, we've got the memories.If only I could live my entire life in bliss like that.
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  • Hmm, the only thing I would have done differently (that was within my control) would be to have gotten more pictures in. We probably would have had the ceremony an hour earlier so we'd have had more time for pictures!
  • We didn't want a videographer, and told ourselves that we would just have a family or friend video the ceremony and that was it. Well, we never got around to that and so now we have nothing. It isn't even a huge deal, but that would be one thing I'd change.The other one is that because of the torrential downpour on our wedding day, we never got beach shots with us and with our whole wedding party. This isn't even anything we could have controlled, but we do really wish we could have gotten at least the two of us, so we're thinking of arranging for some beach shots sometime later...maybe for our 1 year anniversary. Who knows, by then maybe we'll want to get all dresssed up again in our wedding attire!Other than that, our wedding was literally more than we ever dreamed of!
  • I would have been more demanding with the venue. The just didn't get what I wanted and messed some stuff up really badly, if they had done it the way I wanted then I wouldn't be regreting not doing a seating chart. I also would have made more time for photos with my photographer. Other than that it was perfect.

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  • I also would have gone back to my orignal venue for the reception it would have been better and I would have had more control over everything.

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  • Just to add in answer to the second question asked in the poll (which I didn't answer myself): For me, the wedding day couldn't have been more perfect and thank goodness that all the hard work and aggravation paid off. Everything was the way we wanted it and everyone who came had a great time. The only things that I couldn't control was 1) the crummy weather that day (Sunday was gorgeous, go figure!), and 2) we had to rush the formals inside the church itself b/c there was a funeral at 2pm and the guests for that were already walking in. We learned about the funeral during set up the day before, so I'm glad we didn't choose a later ceremony time!
    Joseph Michael - 12/22/2010
    5lbs 9 oz, 18.5 inches long
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  • This sounds stupid, but when I entered the chapel I was so concerned about not stepping on my dress, that I forgot to look at DH's face.  I was a few steps in before I looked at him.  And of course, no one got a picture of his first reaction.I would have also been a little more specific on some of the pictures I wanted.  I love my pictures and it is my own fault for not specifying some exact shots that I wanted, but there are a few I wish I had gotten (more pictures of flowers, food, reception details, etc.).  Overall, it doesn't really matter and I am so happy with our entire day.  It was wonderful and I love the pictures that we have of our incredible wedding.
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  • If I could, I would go back and not be so easy going with all the vendors. We planned really quickly and I didn't think I would have many problems but I think most of my vendors took advantage of my laid back attitude and so I didn't get exactly what I wanted for mostly anything (although everything was beautiful, just not what I wanted or expected)
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  • I wish that we had hire a photographer, even though it would have doubled our budget.  I love the pictures that my friend took, but there are some that I wish I had that I think someone who does weddings for a living would have gotten.
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  • I would've invited some of my coworker friends and more of DH's frat brothers like he wanted. Our place only held so many people and we were at max capacity with RSVP's, but I didn't realize that about 10 deadbeats from my hubby's side of the family just wouldn't show (or send a card or gift). Besides that I truly wouldn't change a thing! Honestly although everyone says that not having a videographer is a regret having a video wasn't super important to me. I feel our photographer got enough great photos to capture the day. Our wedding was better than I imagined and I don't think any wedding we ever attend will top ours (trying not to sound too vain here but I did put a lot of work into it lol)
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