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August 2009 Weddings

So much for that idea

I've gained almost 10 pounds since the wedding.  So today I planned getting back into my groove of healthy eating/exercising.Finally received the September 1st rent from my craptastic tenants today.  Yeah, they failed to mention it was short $309.99.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They sent $600 in money orders and one penny.  WTF?!!I've now managed to eat 6 cookies and I'm drinking an adult beverage.  Bleh.Vent over.  Thnx.

Re: So much for that idea

  • Boo them. I always pay on time, in full, and my landlords never fix things when I ask for them it is so frustrating.

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  • I hate people like that. I have always paid in full. There have been a couple months where we were a couple days late but we always told our landlord that it would be on its way by a certain date.
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  • I try to be real understanding because I know things are tough right now.  When they don't communicate is when I get real PO'd.Oh well, they're out at the end of October so hopefully I can find some better tenants.Thanks for listening :)
  • I've gained about six or eight pounds since the wedding, too. So I'm working hard to lose it before January, and some more... we're going to Dominican mid January. But those cookies and icecream Paul bought the other day are SO tempting.
  • I hear ya.  I swear if there are any sweets in the house I DEVOUR them.
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