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New Hampshire

Generous FMIL

FMIL just sent me a FB message telling me that she would like to pay for the 10 rooms we have reserved at our venue. I think it's very generous, but I'm trying to figure out how this is going to work out logistically before responding. I see her vision - OOT guests will not have to shell out $$$ for the room on top of travel expenses. But I can see our college buddies getting their STDs and calling the hotel and finding out that the rooms have been taken care of, leaving our OOT guests SOL. How do I respond without sounding too negative or ungrateful (because I'm blown away by this act of generosity - she is going above and beyond)?

Re: Generous FMIL

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    Cliffs notes - if rooms are paid for at venue by FMIL, how do we make sure OOT family guests get the rooms and not local friends who will see it as a way to stay for free after drinking at our wedding?
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    That is very generous!  I would pick the 10 couples I wanted to cover and let them know your FMIL has taken care of the room.  Tell your venue which guest rooms you are covering, instead of just saying the 'first 10 to book'
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    Thanks, danto! I think that's the best solution. I don't want to be rude and refuse this generous gift to our guests, but I really think she's doing too much. Thanks for your input!
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    100% agree with Danto!!! Great advice.
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    I like that idea too. You can establish a code word they can use when checking their reservation with the venue if everything will be under FMIL's name.
    Christina 10.26.08
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