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Wedding Gift Ideas

Hi All-My best friend is getting married in about a month and I am at a loss for what to get her for a gift.  I don't want to give her money and I want the gift to be special/unique.  Also, I am flying to her wedding, so ideally it would need to be easily transported, although I could always ship it before or after the wedding.  For those of you who are married, what was the "best" or most thoughtful gift you received?  For those of you who are not married yet, have you ever given a wedding gift that was a big hit?Thanks so much!

Re: Wedding Gift Ideas

  • jkeprosjkepros member
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    I dunno if this is "special" enough--but we recently gave a gift certificate for Wedclean to a couple (the bride is FI's cousin)--it was a HUGE hit!  Apparently they were thrilled to receive it.  The bride's mother went on & on to FI's mom about how thoughful, unique and useful it was.  They loved it. Also good is anything sentimental: scrapbook of memories/photos of the two of you.  A mix "tape" of the songs you used to dance to when you were younger. 
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    How much do you want to spend?
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    Does she have a registry? If so, get something from the registry. To you, it might not seem special since she already picked it out herself. But everything I use my new dishes, gorgeous soup tureens, pots and pans, linens, etc., I think about the person who gave it to us. It's very special indeed.I also wouldn't have an aversion to giving money, either. Newlyweds need to save, and money is a much better-needed gift than random stuff the bride/groom may not need.Otherwise handmade gifts are so nice. We received needlepoint art with our wedding day and Scripture verses; a gorgeous hand-crafted traditional shadow box with our invitation and flowers in miniature, and a handmade afghan.
  • baystateapplebaystateapple member
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    I like the scrapbook idea...I gave my best friend one for a milestone birthday awhile back, and she said it was the best gift she received.  I knew she loved it when she gave me a similar one a few years later, which I treasure.  Plus it's easily transportable, and it's not like she's going to get a duplicate.  For a best friend, personal really is best.

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    Although, I've never received/given it.. my friend raves about it: There's a place in Wakefield that takes the invitation and frames in and mounts in on a plaque thingy with a mirror attached. You can swap out the mirror for a picture of the couple. Hopefully that description makes sense, lol.
  • L-BrideL-Bride member
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    When my friends get married or buy a house I order a handmade wooden board from etsy.com with their last name and year they were married. i.e.   LaPointe FamilyEstablished: 2007You can choose the color and font used and it's really affordable. They can hang it on their mantle or wall. Everyone I get it for loves it. Hopefully this link will work...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31524042&ref=sr_gallery_2&&ga_search_query=housewarming+board&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=date_desc&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title
  • cazzysmithcazzysmith member
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    one of the most thoughtful gifts I got was a "bridal survival" kit - I loved it b/c I didn't have to put it together myself.My best friend (and FI's best friend) got us stuff from our honeymoon registry which we were thrilled about.
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    This requires a bit of work on your part, but for my best friend's wedding I found out where they were staying on their honeymoon and arranged a private dinner for the two of them on the beach.  It's pricey, but definitely something unexpected and thoughtful.  Make sure you ask the front desk whether or not they already have something like this planned, and have them inform the couple when they first arrive so they don't make other plans for the night of the dinner.
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    For my BF wedding present I gave her a gift cert. to a restaurant in the city where they were going for their honeymoon. It was unexpected b/c I had to figure out a good restaurant down there. If they're going somewhere where everything is not all inclusive then this could work. HTH
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    Honestly, I'd be really careful abuot things you get for the house (to display)--not everyone has the same taste, and if they don't love it, they're going to feel they have to display to be polite. I got some lovely off-registry things, but in general, I have to say my favorite gifts were the things on the registry--we took a lot of time picking them out. I understand good friends wanting to get things that are "more special" but I think--at least for us--the things we put on the registry were really special to us, even if they were just pots and pans. :) If you do do something unique, I would keep it more practical--one of my friends did a hand-painted wooden box filled with spices she bought and cookbooks--OR I really love, love the honeymoon dinner idea. I think that would have been my favorite present! 
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    Thank you all so much for these great ideas! I really appreciate your input!
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