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Paper Problem... Etsy involved! Kinda long!

So- I posted my STD's a couple weeks ago- and LOVED them. The woman I was working with on etsy was great! She always replied promptly and she sent out an sample STD and Invite. 

This is what she e-mailed me - 

These are my colors EXACTLY- and we had our cake tasting and had our cake designed around this invite.  Gum paste polka dots of all sizes in these colors heavy on bottom tier and kinda trickling up the cake.

I get the sample and the hot pink is an orange, the black is a faded black that looks navy, the gray looks purple. I emailed her right away and asked her if the sample she sent me was the same as the one she has been emailing. I told her I was a little concerned because hot pink is the main color and I can't have it look orangy! It has been 7 days and I haven't heard a word... FI says to take the sample and print the email sample and take it somewhere local and have them work up something similar... 

Now I have a feeling I am going to be spending more on invites than I had planned because I am going to have to have something similar made up to match everything else. Probably going to have to nix the STD's also. :(
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Re: Paper Problem... Etsy involved! Kinda long!

  • Question: did she print the sample herself or do it through vistaprint or somewhere else? I'm not a pro, but I did take a graphic art course and I know that the color format on the screen (RBG) needs to be converted to CMYK when you print. Perhaps she was hurried and forgot to do this?? Did she email you the actual file or was it a pip? If she emailed the file, you could probably take it to Kinko's and have them convert it and print it out for you. Again, I'm not a pro, but this is my guess!! Good luck :)
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  • That is what she emailed me. She had a whole different color scheme at first and I asked her if she could do a mock-up of my colors bc i was looking for polka dots and loved her design. So, she emailed me the hot pink and I told her I loved it and I specifically said the hotter the pink, the better. There is only going to be a little bit and I want it to pop. 

    Then I received these dull, weird samples. 2 STD's and 2 invites. :(

    I would understand if she forgot or something, that's why I emailed her but she won't reply. 
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  • Have you tried to email her more then once? Maybe something happened and she accidently deleted it...? I don't know, probably not, but you never know. If I get into a situation like that, I always hope it's for a reason like that and that they're not flat out ignoring me.

    I would send another email, saying something like, "I emailed you on such and such date, I'm not sure if you got the email or maybe there was a problem with it sending, but..." that's how I always handle that kind of thing anyway. If you still don't get a response after that, then I'd get bitchy. And also at that point, I would definitely take my business elsewhere. I don't see why someone else couldn't do it up for you like that, but hopefully you can figure out what's going on with the original person and save the extra money.
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  • Like PPs said, try sending her another message.

    If you can't contact her, I can design a very similar design for you (free) and then you can get it printed at vistaprint, Kinkos, or another place. Just email me at [email protected] and i'll be more than happy to do this for you.

    Same goes for any other October 2011 brides. I'll design free invites for you if you don't already have them yet.
  • try www.elliellc.com I seen hot pink polkadots invites with matching STD or zazzle.com if it dosent work out with esty. crossing my fingers for you. But it wouldn't hurt to email her again. good luck
  • No- I didn't pay her yet. I am going to send her another message and then go from there. Meanwhile, I will start looking for something similar! :)
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