How many copies?

of your marriage liscence did you ask for? I am thinking 2 or 3. FI doesn't think we need more than 1.
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Re: How many copies?

  • memj09memj09 member
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    It depends if you need to mail it to anyone. Social security and dmv give it back to you when you go there. If you don't have to mail it anywhere, you can only get one for now and then you can always get another copy in the future if you need it.
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    I'd get at least 2. If you have to change your passport or anything like that you need to send them an original so you could be without it for a bit.
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    I got 3. One to send with my passport for a new one. One to keep with me until all of my credit cards arrived with my new name. One to keep in our file cabinet.
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  • rel830rel830 member
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    I got 3
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    I got 2 just in case.... they told me that as of Oct. 1st the price to get a new one was changing from $10 to $20 sooo I figured it wouldnt hurt to get it now.. I don't want to have to pay double if I need another one after the wedding.
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    We got three and I think that is enough, most places copy it and give it back to you, but like PP said others require you to mail it in.
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