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another update :(

so we thought our best man "S" was doing better but tonight i got some chilling news. He is going in for surgery on his brain tonight :( the infection has goten worse and he now has puss on his brain. I feel numb and cant stop thinking about him. I wish i could be there to hold his hand and tell him how much i love him. It just breaks my heart into a million pieces seeing my DH this upset and knowing his best friend may not make it to see him DS grow up or see his newest little one being born. I dont even know if all the praying ive been doing is helping, im scared to death for him. Im sorry about the long updates guys, like i said before it helps to get it out in writing sometimes. Thanks for listening
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Re: another update :(

  • So sorry, DK.  We are praying for him, and your families.
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  • So sorry to hear that. I am keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

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  • Ironically enough, your friend "S" crossed my mind yesterday and I was hoping he was doing better. I'm continuing to send ::vibes:: and prayers that he pulls through (it can happen). Please keep us in the loop...
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  • I'm so sorry. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Good thoughts, vibes and everything to your friend. :(  I hope he recovers.
  • I'm so sorry he isn't doing well.  I'll keep him and his family in my thoughts. 
  • Still praying for you and sending tons of vibes your way for a speedy recovery. I know it's tough, but keep up the faith, because miracles happen all the time.
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  • You're in my prayers, as is your best man.
  • oh I'm so sorry! I'm keeping him in my thoughts! please keep us updated on his condition!
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  • I will continue to pray for him :(
  • thanks again guys! so he is back in ICU. on the machines to help him breathe again. He is very sedated right now. He is in the best hospital ha can be in right now. The University of Alberta is one on the best hospitals, if not the best, in all of Canada so we know he is getting the care and treatment needed. I will keep posting! Someone upstairs is smiling at S right now. he's got to be to be keeping him alive in this condition.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Oh no, so sorry to hear. We'll be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

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  • I'm so sorry.  I'll keep praying for the best.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear this, I will be keeping him in my prayers!
  • So another update on his condition... He is back in ICU (as i previously posted) and now the octors think he may have the H1N1 virus to top everything off. I must say he is one tough cookie if he has made it this long. We will find out possibly tomorrow evening if he actually does have H1N1 (it takes 48 hours to diagnose) I dont think there is anything else he can possibly get at this point (knock on wood) He has been fighting in the hospital for 1 week today. He's not improving much, and the piece of his skull that was removed from his surgery is still not back in his head. The doctors are thinking it may be contaminated so they dont want to risk putting it back just yet.
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