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August 2009 Weddings

excuse me while I AW

but I finally have more pics up! there are a bajillion and a half so I won't bore you with all those, but she did update the blog with a bit. i'm over the moon thrilled! :) http://www.yellowfishstudios.com/blog
<img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e386/ilovesteviey/wedding/RWGR-1157small.jpg">

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Re: excuse me while I AW

  • I hate you because your bouquet is exactly what I wanted but didn't get. But I love you, because you're beautiful. ;)
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Oh you are so pretty!
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  • Ooooh ... so pretty!
  • totally worth AWing about. Gorgeous!
  • I will repeat my already given sentiments for everyone else's pleasure :)- LOVE the flowers- love the pic with the bms, soo so cute- your eyes - gorg, enough said.- the pic of the first dance is frameworthy- like 8x10 in the foyer frameworthy- the pic of you and steve after the ceremony cracks me up bc your hands are like way over your head outreached and his arm is like sideways.. tall mothereffer...i wish my photog blogged.. hmmpph

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  • I love the teaser pics! We must have similar tastes b/c your parasol is eerily similar to mine: [IMG]http://i36.tinypic.com/15ydo4l.jpg[/IMG]
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  • I love your pictures. They turned out great! I really like the one of you making a goofy face, so cool!
    Hayden Ellen 12/30/11 image The Plan The Dream
  • Your pics turned out great! I also love your bouquet. And of course you looked adorable.
  • Gorgeous photos, I love all the details. You were a beautiful bride.

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  • hmmmkay, where to start. 1. you're effing pretty, poopsauce. 2. I love your sass face. 3. b&w pic of you two under the weeping willow makes me want to squeeze you both and make you cookies. 4. want. your. shoes. now.
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  • PS - this girl doesn't bake, so making cookies is a pretty big deal. :D
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  • You so so beautiful, lady! I love the pictures!
  • Beautiful!  I'm in love with the pics in front of the blue building with the pink dresses.
  • UGH you're so pretty I can't deal. And you guys are the cutest couple ever. Can you bore me with the rest of the pics? I'm unemployed and want wedding porn. You know the e-mail :) Also I'm in love with the picture of you two dancing. You just look so happy with life.

    Now jumping domestically.


    Well that was a crazy couple of years.

    image image image

  • Wow- they are gorgeous. You are so beautiful and I love the venue.
    Honeymooning image
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  • Like Hayes, you already know how I feel about these pics, but I will repeat here for all the world to see. ;)I love the details pics... your shoes on the piano... ah. My fav pic is a tie between the b&w one with your heads together, or the first dance pic. Absolutely amazing. I love how in love you two are! It makes me a gushy mushy mess.The close up of you and your bouquet... whoa. Those big baby blues are stunning.I heart the parasol look back shot. You're so freaking beautiful it's ridic!Seriously, my ibff, your pictures are amazing. I'm so happy for you! You're gorgeous, your wedding was gorgeous, and your pics are gorgeous. Yay!
  • They look great! You are so pretty and I agree with Charity, I love the goofy face one, too cute!
  • I'm just going to add in a few comments. I absolutely love your pictures. I agree that you have amazing eyes. My favorite pictures is the one of you 2 dancing in that cluster of 4 pictures. I think the photographer just happened to grab the shot. Your color choices rock, and ummm that is all. Wowsa!
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