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October 2009 Weddings

Pre-meal prayer?

Our priest won't be at our reception since he has 5:00 mass that day, I have no idea who to have give a pre-meal prayer. Would it be ok to skip it?

Re: Pre-meal prayer?

  • Personally I would not skip it. I would ask my father or FFIL to do the prayer.P.S. Your siggy pictures are so cute!
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  • Skipping is certainly a personal preference. A lot will depend on what your families will expect. Personally I don't want to skip that. We are definitely doing a prayer but not toasts. My 11yr old son volunteered - he says a pretty good prayer off the top of his head, but I am looking forward to one he's taken the time to write.Maybe a relative - aunt, uncle, godfather/mother could do yours?
  • We aren't even having a very religious ceremony and my parents are insisting on a blessing. We're going to have our grandfathers do it.
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  • Our officiant is attending but even if he wasn't, we would have talked to someone about doing one (grandparent, god parent, friend, etc.)
  • I'm not having one at ours, but I think it is personal preferance. I suppose it depends on your beliefs, traditions and guests - we have a very mixed crew attending (our BP alone has Athiest, Jewish, Catholic, Agnostic and Buddhist) so skipping it is the best choice for us. I don't think anyone will give it a second thought. But if you feel your day will be missing something without it, I would say you can designate someone meaningful to you to give a short blessing - I'm sure they would consider it an honor!
  • Even though we are having a nondenominational ceremony... since FI and I aren't religious... but we thought it stil would be important to have a blessing before dinner... so FFIL is doing it.
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