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April 2010 Weddings

MIA and checks!

so something wrong with my comp and it wont let me log into half my accounts right now(i'm at parents now) and so i've been MIA and its been driving me nuts!!!

since i've been gone i've cussed out most the girls at my bridal shop where i got my dress b/c it has been 4 months since i ordered my slip and they couldnt give me a straight answer as to when i'd get it and then the owner lied to me saying it was on a truck when i was still on backorder WTF! so i finally just told them to send back the money and my mom and i went to davids yesterday and bought a slip, MY VEIL!(yay) and my shoes!(which are being died blue!)
and i've also confirmed and am waiting on my invites and finalized favors!
i finally feel like im back into the planning and gettin stuff done!!

Re: MIA and checks!

  • How rude of the girls at that bridal shop.  I'm glad you got everything you need elsewhere and I hope they get that money back to you fast!
  • Wow...talk about bad customer service!  Hopefully you get your money back!  Kudos to you for moving on and finding your items elsewhere!
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