When do we order tuxedos??

we are loooking at Mens Wharehouse.I am a spring bride with tropical colors. Any suggetsions?Is it played out for GM to wear the vests? I see a new trend with no vests?????Black suit with purple ties and orange rose bouts?Dark tan suits with purple ties and orange rose bouts?What to do! check out my bio for Alfred angelo BM dresses.

Re: When do we order tuxedos??

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    We ordered ours about 2 months before (early July, wedding mid-September). You might want to order them a little earlier because of your colors and prom season, just in case! :) I like the black with the purple!  Very cool!
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    I vote for purple vests and ties.  If you were having an outdoor wedding, I think no vest would be ok, but it seems too informal for an indoor wedding (that's just me, of course).And, while black is more traditional, I love the idea of tan suits.  It's more tropical and fun...plus, Damien looks pretty hot in his tan suit in your bio. ;)

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taryn you are hilarious!!!! LOLAnd thank you both for advise and suggestions!! I have no idea about this part of the planning and I am too scared to leave it up to Damian!
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    We did MW too & we picked them out 6 months in advance. Mostly to give the guys plenty of time to pay (they were slackers). Our guys wore vests & looked hawt. Black+purple+orange sounds really nice.
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    I'd say 3-5 months get them ordered. I like the black, purple and orange combo. And I also vote for vests.
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    perfect!!! I am convinced!!! vests and 3-6 months ahead it is!!! thanks knottie babes! :)
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