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hey there!  I saw that you commented on my video.  I was trying to remember the screen name of the bride that was also getting married at Old St Pats so have you take a look at the video cuz you can really see so much of Old St Pats in just that short clip.  Honestly, using them was maybe the best decision I made.  Well worth all the effort and hoops they  make you jump through.  I can't wait to see pics from your wedding there!

Re: beautifulryan

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    Ohh awesome, great to hear!  We actually got mail from them a couple of weeks ago saying they are having official vendors for their photography and videography for weddings after January 1, 2010.  We luckily booked our vendors way in advance so we are good to go, but they have to have an interview with one of the representatives.  Crazy!Our dresses are pretty similar (I remember emailing you about it a long time ago!).  Did the Church require you to wear a bolero or did you just choose to?  I remember that we can wear strapless as long as it is tasteful.  It is super cute on you, but I think you said yours was matching to your dress.  I can't wait to see more of your pictures!
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    yeah i got that letter too.  very crazy.  I was so glad I booked mine earlier.  Phew!  The bolero came with the dress but it was 3/4 in sleeves, and not a cap sleeve like the video shows.  I had my seamstress change it for me.    I wore the bolero becuase I liked the idea of haveing a totally different look for the reception.  I took of the bolero at the reception and added a large flower in my hair.  Wearing the bolero had nothing to do with the church, I just liked it.  Yeah I remember you having a similar dress...I actually thought we had the same one,  but I guess i was mistaken.  Atleast you get a really good idea of what it can look like inside the church and how that style of dress looks there also.  Im not even kidding as soon as I saw the video I thought of you and how much I wanted you to see it to get a better idea of what your wedding could look like there....I just couldnt remember your sn
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    Haha we're a lot alike.  I am looking for pink shoes and I was planning on finding a flower for my hair too.  I saw one at the the Left Bank for $149...that's a bit much for me, so I'm gonna keep looking.  Unless I decide to wear my hair differently and get a tiara instead.  I hate all the decisions sometimes!  I actually like your dress a lot more than mine, it's got some sparkle to it that I wished I had. 
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    Do you have a seamstress yet?  I used Mary Catomy and she makes hair flowers.  Although you can't see a picture of it in the video, it was stunning and PERFECT for my dress.  i think she charged me $20.  Honestly I would call her to do your dress and even if she is booked, I would ask if could swing over just to purchase a flower piece.  She would let you.  Also, if you don't find anyting you like there, you can design your own and she will make it.  I think her most expensive is like $40.  thanks for the compliment on my dress!
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