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Poll: Weird Requests!

So I've gotten the first 'WTF' request of my wedding planning process! I sent my grandma a save the date early and she sent me this email in response:Do you still have some of your save the date flyers?  Could you send one to Kelly _____? We just got one from her. Kelly is your 2nd cousin I think.  Her mother, Jeanne, is my niece.....my sister Nancy's daughter.Thanks! Love,Grammy1. who? we've never met... 2. The wording caused me to actually draw out the family tree to figure out how I'm related to this chick!SO I want to hear what some of you ladies have in your own vaults of weird requests!
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Re: Poll: Weird Requests!

  • jodyk23jodyk23 member
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    My mother did not want me to invite my grandmother (her stepmom) to the wedding. Yes I know that she is 84 years old and is getting dimentia, but she's been my grandmother my whole life and her step-mother for over 30 years, so she's just going to have to deal with it! Yes my grandmother is 85 pounds soaking wet and sometimes dances on tables, but isn't that the fun atmosphere you'd want at your wedding. My mother thinks she's embarrassing. I don't. I think people understand that she's old and going crazy!

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    So far the craziest requests have been similar to yours "Invite so-and-so who you've never met because they will be offended if they don't get invited." Really? A person who has never met me will be offended if they don't get invited to my wedding?BTW - I love that she called them save the date flyers. Reminds me of a band passing out flyers to a show.
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    "Kelly is your 2nd cousin I think." What??? "I think" OMG My family better not I would laugh
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    "since you dont have any invitations left and it's 10 days before you're wedding, i'm going to make my own invitation for your wedding & send it to my sister who doesn't even know you guys are getting married, i bet she wont come, but she'll be hurt if she finds out you're getting married"
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    "I know you told me that meat was prepared medium and that the hall can't do rare, but how much do I have to pay you to serve food that I like"
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