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So I live on the West Coast, and am getting married on the East Coast.Of course, I ordered my dress here, and plan to get my alterations done here, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to get my dress across the country with me.Steaming it, or even having it dry cleaned once I get there shouldn't be a problem, as I'll be out there for a week before the wedding, but I'm really afraid of either taking it on the plane, or shipping it.Any advice?Thanks! :)
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Re: Dress Transportation

  • haha I'm the opposite! Living on the East coast and getting married on the West!I'm planning on taking my dress on the plane. I'll double bag it and carry it on.If you ship your dress, just be sure to insure it and have someone sign for delivery.
  • I would carry it on the plane.  I am sure if you ask the stewardess(sp?) they may be able to hang it up for you if there is any space. 
  • I personally would also take it on the plane - most of the times the flight attendants will hang it in the closet and if not you can lay it flat across the top of bags in the overhead once people are done putting their things in - I would be afraid of shipping it.

  • I probably would not want that dress traveling across the country without me. I could just foresee something going wrong.I would bring it carry on for sure. If you ask (nicely) usually the stewardesses will let you hang stuff up front in the closet where they hang the 1st class passengers jackets.Or just lay it down on top of your suitcase in the overhead bin and shut the bin so no one else uses it.
  • I was going to bring it on the plane but Southwest told me they can't guarantee that I will be able to keep it in the overhead bin and that they won't be able to store it.  It freaked me out a little cause there is no way I want them to check it!  I am pretty sure I am going to fedex it overnight to my make-up girl who is taking the role of getting it steamed and delivered to me when I arrive.  As it gets closer to the wedding I'll see if this is what I really will do.  Seriously, I would buy the dress a seat on the plane if I could!
  • WTF southwest? I'm sure they have to say that. But if you check your other luggage and bring the dress on as your only carry-on item, then how is it any different than a suitcase? Can they not guarantee your suitcase will make it either? There is nothing they could say to me that would end in me "checking" my wedding dress. My mom worked for an airline and she has more than 1 story of the dress being lost.
  • I know, I am pretty torn about what to do! My mom said she was on a plane one time (not sure what airline) and they told the bride there was no room for her dress and they had to check it. She started crying and everything. Hopefully at that point they made room for it, but I just don't want to be that crying bride looking at her dress being taken away. I heard most brides don't have problems and a lot of airlines even go out of their way to used the employee closet up front. I am traveling around Thanksgiving so I think it could turn into a nightmare. Maybe if you carry it on, try and bring it on a flight you don't think will be too booked up.
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