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Bridal Shops Recommendations

Hello ladies, My wedding is approximately 11 months away. I started dress shopping and I've only been to David's Bridal. Does anyone know of any other dress shops with affordable dresses (in the $200-$500 range?). I am on a tight budget and unfortunately cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a dress. I have fallen in love with a few of the DB dresses. Has anyone else bought dresses from there before?? If you could give me your opinion on those dresses I have tried on, I would appreciate it! http://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g232/dmaycotte/?action=view&current=DSC01139.jpg << don't mind the veil, the consultant insisted that I wear one http://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g232/dmaycotte/?action=view&current=DSC01147.jpg << this was originally my first choicehttp://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g232/dmaycotte/?action=view&current=DSC01167.jpg << the bottom half of this fits somewhat like the first dress

Re: Bridal Shops Recommendations

  • justmadi55justmadi55 member
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    Hi I just picked up my dress from DB the other day and I love it and the price I also did not want to spend thousands on it. You look beautiful in all of them but I like the first on ethe best. Good luck!
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    I bought my dress from DB about 2 months ago and had a pleasant experience both times I was there for try-ons. I also just went back earlier this week to purchase my Keepsake Box and garter and the lady at the counter was very nice. (I know some girls have had negative experiences with DB but I haven't, thankfully, and so far so good...although I do think I will get my alterations done by an independant seamstress since I do believe it is cheaper that way). I was not able to spend thousands on a dress, either, and I went during a sale and got my dress, crinoline, shoes, and veil for just under $1,000. I can't view your Photobucket links from work, but just wanted to answer your question asking if anyone else on the board has bought their dress there. 2 of my girlfriends had also purchased their wedding dresses from DB and had no issues, either.
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  • dpantaleonidpantaleoni member
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    My friend opened the Bridal Bin in South Norwalk (not sure where in the state you are from). It is located at 100 Washington Street and I believe she has a website. She is selling discounted designer dresses and they are GORGEOUS!! Her mom owns a bridal shop in Long Island and this is the surplus. Definitely give it a try! if you need more info, let me know.
  • Vikki2payVikki2pay member
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    I bought my dress from DB, but you can try some sample sales and buy off the rack, or try ebay, or there's a bunch of places to get a pre-owned dresses if you want to go that route. I like the 1st dress the best on you, it looks great, good luck with shopping.
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    I got mine from DB's also. I love it! Keep in mind they have lots of sales throughout the year, so if you find a dress you love you do have some time to wait and see if it goes on sale.My only suggestion is you bring the dress to someone else for an alteration estimate. I thought i was doing so good with my dress cost until I found out it was going to be 240 dollars for them to do alterations, and all I needed was a 1 inch hem and a bustle!If I had the time before the wedding I would have brought my dress elsewhere to be altered.
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    I was going to tell you the same thing Silly said. I have heard of a lot of girls getting their dresses for amazing deals during a bridal sale at DB and taking them in to be altered and coming out very shocked at the price they charged for alterations. Be sure to get a quote first. I think they like to get people in with the low prices during a big "blow out" sale and then charge them huge amounts for alterations. Just be careful of that! :)
  • CTbride79CTbride79 member
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    I ordered my dress from Harold's in New Haven, and completely recommend them...they have been nothing but awesome so far. I don't know if they would fit into your budget though, but I'm sure they could work with you. The only other shop that may have dresses that fit into your budget (and that I went to during my dress search) was The Bridal Mall in Niantic. They had a lot of dresses for under $1K. Good luck!
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    I got my dress, my BM dresses and the MOG dress at Ragtime in Watertown (link in bio)Love their personal touch and intimate setting!  And they can give you great deals because they are a privately owned shop;)
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    and btw love love the second lace dress! and the others are gorgeous too...very Pam from the Office wedding whch is coming up! :) haha
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  • starrbuk13starrbuk13 member
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    i got mine at the Bridal Mall in Niantic for $250! and LOVED it. (beware though...alterations cost another $250!) if you don't mind buying a sample off the rack, check them out during the blowout sale they are having on oct 25. that is how i got mine and i think all their gowns are under $500 on that day.
  • PrincessLea84PrincessLea84 member
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    I would also check out Brides to Be in Glastonbury if you're in the area...it's more of a consignment shop so they have previously worn and new samples/trunk show dresses.
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    I was recommended by one of my bridesmaids to go to DB first to try on dresses just to get an idea of which style looks best on me. Not to buy, just to try on styles Oh and get sized? which I assume they do for you while you're there? I will be going in a few weeks for the first time and am actually nervous because I don't see any dresses on their website that I like or want to try on. However the dresses you tried on are very nice. I don't think I even saw them online so I'm hopeful they have more than just is on their website. I didn't plan on actually buying from DB but the consultant I made my appointment with told me to write down styles I wanted to try on. then I hit the wall... Anyways, Out of your pictures, I like the 3rd one the best... Love the top of it, reminds me of a grecian goddess. My second fav is the lace.. but I adore lace! HTH!
  • di&jdi&j member
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    @sunkiss I thought the same thing about DB, my intention was to go in to just "try on" dresses and get an idea about what sort of style I was looking for...I ended up falling in love w/ these 3 dresses and now I can't decide. Thank you ladies for your suggestions and input regarding my choices.  I still don't think I am any closer to making a decision.  I'll probably try out some of the shops mentioned here and go back to DB to try on these dresses again. Thanks ya'll!!
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    I highly recommend Harolds in New Haven. I bought my dress from them and I found them totally resonable. My dress was $770 but I know they have sample sales and sell stuff off the rack all the time. If you go you should ask for Annette, she was wonderful!
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    I second  starrbuk13, I also got my dress at the Bridal Mall in Niantic and there selection there was great for all sizes!!!  And there staff was wonderful!  My friend also got her dress there and when she couldn't fit in her dress a month before the wedding they changed in from a zip-up dress to a corset dress for a pretty resonable price (considering the amount of work they had to do to change it around especially since the whole top was heavily beaded!).
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