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bw photography and maggianos...again;-)

hello everyone so im majorly stressing because im trying to get everything booked, soo i keep reading all ure posts and u say wonderful things about bw,,,this todd guy that everyone keeps raving about is he the only person that does photos from bw...i feel like i want to make sure i get him if i do use them because he is the only name everyone talks about... also can somebody tell me about heir reception at maggianos, we are probably going to have 25 people, i guess im just curious of what other people have done with that small thanks so much guys for ure help!!!!!!

Re: bw photography and maggianos...again;-)

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    Hi! We booked Todd because of all the awesome reviews and his prices can't be beat!! We are having an in-suite reception in the Terrace Suite at the MGM. We are having our food catered in by Masterpiece Cuisine which has gotten great reviews and I have been working with Scott and he has been just wonderful :) I looked into Maggianos as well and they were booked, I am glad they were because I am really happy with the Terrace Suite we can dance(via Ipod dock) and don't have to worry about being out in 4 hours so we don't have to worry about an after party because we have the suite all night!! I also love the cartering menu that we have choosen there are many different things to pick from HTH :)
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    Maggiano's has room minimums.... like for the Abruzzi room has a 2K min.   You have to spend 2K in order to book the room.  Easily done if you get the manhattan package and/or use their preferred vendors (cake, dj, etc) but the smaller rooms likely won't accomodate a DJ.  If you wanted to use the Calabria room, there's a dance floor but the room min goes up. (5K?)Have you looked at their packages on the website?? Todd's the only employee at B&W although I think he does have an assistant if someone requested it.
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    The minimum for the Calabria room at Maggiano's is $3000.
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    If I were you, I would look into the Abruzzi room. The minimum is a bit higher, but the DiCarlo room has a max of 24, and that will leave no room for dancing at all from my impression. This is the room that I was looking into, but we are only having around 15-20. We aren't planning on having dancing so it works for us. I have not been there myself, this is just from emailing Maggiano's. HTH sorry I am not more informed :)
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    I just booked the Abruzzi room for my wedding, there is a $2000 minimum with a $1000 deposit. The maximum amount of people that I am allowed is 35. I never did ask about dancing because for me, that wasn't a priority, they do have a sound system where you can have a DJ or hook up an ipod docking station to.
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    I had a very small wedding at Maggiano's and it was perfect.  We just did dinner.  We had our ceremony, did photos there with Ron Miller, then did a strip tour in a limo (you could get a party bus for 25) and it turned into a mini reception.  Then we went to Maggiano's and had a really nice dinner and cake cutting.  It was great and everyone loved it.  I have to say, I didn't miss the dancing or anything.  The limo was so much fun and everyone was in my strip tour photos and got to see some of the Vegas sites as well.  Loved it!
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