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Getting in Shape

Body Bugg...

Has anyone else used this?I have not been working out on a regular basis.  I am taking 3 college courses and also work full time... I quit WW because it was not working for me. The points system drove me NUTS lolI bought the Body Bugg and it should be arriving in the mail tomorrow.. Has anyone else been using this? How is it working for you?I am one of those detail orientated people who is a little OCD when I choose to do something... I heard this has graphs too so im excited about that. LOLI plant to go to 24hr fitness if the workout sessions at http://www.lonestar-boxing.comdo not work out for me.Im really excited about this tool! Ill tell you guys how it works out. Good thing is i have not gained weight this last month I have not been working out... so im glad about that. @[email protected]

Re: Body Bugg...

  • i have come so close to getting that...i am also OCD with numbers and thought it sounded like an awesome invention.  The only thing I was skeptical about is how it tracks your excercise by your sweat and temperature.  I would think that this is different for everyone.  Even is different for yourself depending on the enivironment which you are working out.  I sweat so much more and my temperature is probably higher than when i run on a treadmill than when i run outside in 60 degree weather with the wind blowing.    I would think in this case a heart monitor might be more accurate.  But it looks like an awesome gadet and anything that gets you motivated is worth the money.  GL and let us know how it works! 
  • I wish I could afford the body bugg!  I would love it!
  • Oo cool thanks. I read some reviews and heart great things about both(bugg and gofit). I went witht he bodybugg because of the show "Biggest Loser". (maybe that is why they are able to charge higher prices???). LOL Also a couple of people at the gym I go to used to work at 24hr fitness so they should be able to help me with it if I need it. I am VERY excited about it.I work a late shift and i am at the computer the entire time. Im hoping to work out before work and then if I have not met my calorie goal, work out after work if need be. Ill let you know how it goes. @[email protected] aah
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