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September 2010 Weddings

List your October goals here!


Re: List your October goals here!

  • Mine:- Finish wedding website- Get deposit to hairstylist- Decide about chairs for the reception (covers vs. chiavari)- Make my DIY pomanders- Compile a list of all potential DIY projects and see how many are actually do-able- Research birdcage veils
  • - at least meet with our potential florist and get some sort of outline from her- work on wedding website- book day of coordinator- hopefully decide on wedding dress!! :)I"m most excited about the last one :)

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  • -ask my other 2 BM!!-go BM dress looking with my sis-Check out some hair ppl-make list of DIY/start some DIY trials-drop a few lbs!  
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  • I would really like to: *choose and book DJ! *get limo quotes *meet with DOC *book e-pic shoot *schedule pre-cana That's all I can think of right now!
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  • Start Choreography for Special First dance!Waltz lesson at Fred Astaire and Personal Choreography to Michael Jackson's P.Y.T.Additionally I need to get software (or see if the Mac Lappy has it) to splice "Waltz with Me" and "P.Y.T" together after breaking apart P.Y.T. into specific sections.... That's it !

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  • -Choose photographer -Decide on dress -Meet with officiants -Decide on linens for reception venue
  • *Book Limos*Start getting florist quotes*Buy my dress (hopefully Thurs!)*Send out STD's*Passport applications!! i KEEP forgetting about these!
  • I've been MIA on this board sorry... - Book florist.  This has been the most difficult task.  
  • Where is the September Goals post? I have looked through so many pages and can't find it!!!!!!!Help!
  • I'm so behind -lost 6 lbs-book church-book and send deposit to caterer-get quotes for bouquets-create sample centerpiece-make list of DIY projects-finalize wedding party-engagement shoot (scheduled for 10/10)
  • -Register / plan to register beginning of November. -Book baker for cake. -Order STD's (even though they won't be sent until February-ish). -Book MUA. -Find out wtf we're going to get bubble bowls for cheap.-Meet with our ceremony musicians to discuss music choices.-Set up a post-precana meeting with our Pastor.
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  • -Try on BM dresses with the girls (Oct. 13).-Decide on the BM dress(es) & determine the "order by" date.
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  • 1. Book a ceremony venue. I just have one more to look at (Oct 10) I think this may be it!2. Meet with caterer.3. Try on BM dresses w/ girls Oct 10.4. Try on my dress 1 more time and then put the deposit on it.5. Email photog and talk about pic stuff.6. Start ordering misc stuff like 'Thank You' parasol and ring bearer nest  
  • My October goals:-Choose videographer-Choose DOC if I'm going to use one-Finish collecting decor rental information-Book a florist-Set hotel block(s)-Look into limos & trolleys-Book a baker-Book the church's pianist-Talk to my hometown pastor about being a part of the wedding-Do e-pics and hopefully create or order STDs-Maybe look into stationarySounds like a lot now, doesn't it?! But I want to have all this for-sure done by the end of November! :)
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  • hotel block & limo :) keeping it simple
  • Ferdy ~ Not sure if it comes standard with macs, but if you have garageband, that should be sufficient to splice together the song. If not, I can ask around at work for other programs.
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  • For October I hope to... -Book transportation-Order STDs-Find my gown and BM dresses-Finish my card box, cake topper, and monogram-Start working on programs-Finalize our bridal party and ask everyone-Book a florist**That's a lot now that i typed it out. I better get going on some of this! :)


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  • yea we have garage band---While I am doing it I will keep you updated and if I cant' do it I would LOVE help with it! Thanks Em!

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  • I'd be happy to help Ferdy!
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  • ~find a place to get married ~pick colors ~find an officiant ~did I mention FIND A PLACE TO GET MARRIED !! my mom whom i love and adore, decided today that it may not be a good idea to have it at her house. Bummer
  • sry bubbles----that's the pits!sending positive KV your way !! :o)

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  • -finish wedding website.-put a deposit on our tent & misc. rental-put a deposit on muscian/dj.-get quotes from florists. -look around a bridemaids dresses.-send out std's.
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  • -Meet with florist again and get quote from her-Start Prepare/Enrich courses with our Pastor-Make DIY engagement party invitations-E-pics (Oct 31!)-Go over song list from DJ to choose Must Plays and Must Not Plays-Have FI talk to FG's parents (his brother and SIL)-Start choosing important songs for reception-Go over song list from ceremony musicians to see if I like any of it for the ceremonyNWR-Find a baby-friendly Halloween party that isn't the day of that we can go to with FI's DD.
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  • Well I definitely did better with my Sept. goals then I did with the August ones but I still have to carry a few over... --Sign Contract with DJ --Schedule E-Pics --Decide on rentals and reserve --Book Hotel Block --Complete Guestbook --Finish the invite mock up --Keep my sanity during one of the most hectic months of the work year :-)
  • October-- i only have about two weeks out of this month because we'll be on mini vacays a whole lot so i'm keeping it short.. Book DJBook churchBuy my dressLast two BM's get fittedDecide centerpieces?? Work on STDsi think i'll leave it at that! i'd rather get more done than not make my goals and be sad!! haha good luck girls!!
  • I have stuff going on every weekend in October so a short list: -set up hotel block -buy THE dress (one weekend is my mom coming to town to dress shop with me) -finalize centerpiece design (something else to do while my mom's in town :)- meet with photographer (10/8)- schedule and take e-pics.

  • Book Photographer.Take BMs out to look for their dresses.Research floristsTake e-pics
  • start DIY Isle runner Finish DIY first dance song take E-picts I sucked last month so I am sticking with 3. lol
  • October Goals:-finally decide on the venue-ask my BM's to be in the wedding-look at a couple more caterers and make a decision on one.-make sure the church knows the official wedding date (gave them two dates I was looking at)-schedule in more Pilates classes-find time to make a trip down to Miami (wedding location)-start trying on some gowns :)  
  • Keeping it simple as well... book ceremony site and taking e-pics on 10/20. Also start thinking about what kind of save the dates I want.
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