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Hey ladies... I'm going to eventually post this on TTT, but I figured I would give the CT girls first dibs. I'm flexible on all prices...I have some pics in my bio too under for sale..ignore the prices there, I need to update.~2 small baskets, used for bathroom baskets, 8 dollars for both~5 larger easels, 2 each 10 for all five~144 (I need to double check the count) frosted votive holders w/ used votives. These were burned for 5.5 hours and are supposed to have a total 12 hour burn time. The candles are still in the holders and can easily be removed-just freeze them and pop them out~6 black lanterns. I would like to get rid of these all together. They were used to line the garden of the FHI at night. 40 for all 6.~15 candy jars--all in good condition. PIB of my candy bar under non pros. I also have scoops--I believe I have around 16 of these. 110 for all the supplies.~20 table runners in a deep blue--I used these to tie the cocktail tables martini style. 30 for all of them.~My birdcage cardbox~it was painted a light silver to go along with our colors. 25~Candle Table Runners~17 glass vases, partially burned pillar candles inside (have around 6 hours left)and the vellum wrapped around. 110 for all. PIB.I also have random cardstock (a pale green and a deep blue with sparkles) and deep blue, pale green, silver and ivory ribbon. I also have cocktail signs, guestbook signs and bathroom signs which are Ivory cardstock, backed with the deep blue. Lastly, varying heights of ivory and blue pillar candles never used--around 12 total. Make an offer.Email me at stephanie dot gresko at gmail dot comThanks girls and happy planning!    

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