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Limos in Suffolk County

Hi Ladies,I saw the previous post for limo recommendations and they are located in Nassau. I called Camelot and he said I could probably get a better deal in Suffolk. Very nice of him. Does anyone have a recommendation?Thanks

Re: Limos in Suffolk County

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    Aww this is why I love Camelot. Extremely nice of them. I wish I could help you, but all the ones I know of are in Nassau. Does you RH recommend any companies? I'd start there!
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    I am in the same boat as you trying to find a limo company in Suffolk.
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    have you tried askign your venue? often they will have good recs for companies that they've worked with before and have a relationship with.


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    Okay, I googled limos in Suffolk County to see if I recognized any of the names. It says M&V Limos is in Suffolk and I know someone used them and was very pleased.
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