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Total Life Makeover

Ladies I am so happy that I have started this journey to a total life makeover.  Planning this wedding and planning for the future has made me began to think about so many things that I never really had given thought to before.  For instance learning how to eat healthy, drink enough water, no salt, exercising and many other healthy eating habits. I have also been in a transition period with my hair.  No relaxer for nine months now. And so far this week I have been wearing my natural hair. No sew ins, ponytails, or quick weaves...and I have to admit it has been an exhilirating experience. I absolutely love it!  I had my first consultation with a natural hairstylist tonight and made my appointment for Saturday!!!!  I am so excited!I already feel like I'm about to start a brand new life with the wedding, and now I'm starting to feel like a whole new me. Wow! Where did she come from?!!!!  I guess the important thing is...She's here!
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Re: Total Life Makeover

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    Shake it fast, watch yo'self! Show us what your workin' wit!!! LOL You go girl, proud of you.
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    this is an awesome post girl!!! are such an inspiration to me to keep up with trying to be healthy...I am very proud of you for achieving so many personal accomplishments and to continue to maintain and reach higher goals...YOU ARE OUR ROCK STAR!!!  ;)
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    I'm glad that you have found this new found you. It is an exciting experience to plan for the future. I'm glad that you have found the new you and wish you the best of luck
    Lovin Kimmie
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    Yeah! Congrats, hunnie! I started my natural hair walk five years ago and I know exactly what you mean by exhilerating :) I'll never forget how I felt the first time I twisted my hair and could make a ponytail! LOL. Enjoy the transition.
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    This is so inspirational. Good for you for coming to the conclusion to better yourself for yourself. **hugs**
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    Thanks for hugs and high five ladies!  Even tho I'm a lil tired this morning (Fi kept me up a lil late *wink) But the excitement is still there! God is Truly Good!
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