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Bachelorette Party - Is this awkward??

I had 2 best friends in high school and we remained friends through the beginning of college but I started drifting after my sophmore year (went to different schools, formed new groups of friends, etc.). I recently graduated and it was bothering me more and more how we just stopped talking (think we all got lazy, the longer we went w/o talking the more awkward it seemed to just start up a conversation). So last week I got back into contact with them and said I wanted to catch up with them. Is it awkward if the first time we hang out again is at my bachelorette party? I just feeling it's saying "hey we haven't been friends in awhile...but come to my bachelorette party" The reason I ask is because I realized I want to ask them to come to my wedding (end of october) . Of all my friends I've had/have, they are the best and I want them to be there at my wedding...

Re: Bachelorette Party - Is this awkward??

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    It might be awkward especially since there will be several people around. What type of party are you having? If its going to be a bar-hopping party then I would suggest hanging out with them a few times before the party to catch up, especially if they don't know any of your other friends who will be at your party.
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    Yes it is alkward. Try and renew teh friendship at something non wedding related first. go out to coffee or ice cream or pizza. Soemplace you guys can chat and catch up. At your bachlorette it is not equal footing it is you as center of attention and honestly you will not have much close bonding time with them as you will also be hanging out with teh rest of your friends and it will creat a huge wierdness. Bond just you and them at something where you can chat  
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    ditto other ladies.  Catch up first over a cup of coffee at the local diner.  Then you can decide about inviting them to your wedding and b-party.]Perhaps you're going to find out over that cup of coffee that there's a reason you've drifted apart~and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  It's just life as it happens.
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    I agree, catch up first...i find the easiest way to start is via the web, email, facebook, then meet up or something for a cup of coffee to reconnect.If i were the friend, and was close even though we lost touch, I would be so happy to be invited to your bach-party. To me it would mean you think it would be fun to have me there ... if I didn't know the people, it might be a little awkward, but I'm there for you. I had ppl at my party that didn't know each other and by the end of the night, everyone was friends ;)I'd reconnect soon since your wedding is up and coming and a last minute invite is a little awkward to receive...gets you thinking 'why last minute'...
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