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Ceremony and Reception at different sites?

Do people usually do this if there wedding is not at a church? I really like the Orlando City Arts Factory downtown for a reception. However, I wouldn't know where to have a ceremony that isnt too inconvenient. Especially since many will be from out of town. Any thoughts?

Re: Ceremony and Reception at different sites?

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    This is the exact same problem we had :) We ended up having both our ceremony and reception upstairs in the loft area, with a cocktail hour downstairs. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • muscles85muscles85 member
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    My ceremony will be at Lake Eola and my reception will be at a country club. And like 90 percent of our guests are from out of town. There's directions, and I think probably a bus to shuttle people from the hotel, to downtown to the reception.
  • SarahSmile23SarahSmile23 member
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    LuckilyInLove's wedding turned out beautiful! You should definitely consider what she did.
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    My sister is getting married and having her ceremony and reception at The Summerlin House it's a new venue in Thornton Park thesummerlinhouse.com :)
  • AileeneGAileeneG member
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    City Arts Factory isn't hosting weddings anymore. At least not after February 1st. They are having Sak's Comedy Lab move in there, which totally stinks but it is what it is, I guess. I had the same concern since my wedding will be downtown. I have a list of about 250+. It was hard to find 2 places that would hold that many people and weren't too far away from each other AND that wouldn't be too expensive if I had to rent out 2 large venues.  I looked at the Science Center, and though we decided on someplace else, the Science Center was really great, I thought. It has different areas, but it's all in the same building and they give you free parking and free admission for all your guests the day of the wedding. Also, they give you a free area for a cocktail hour if you are doing both the ceremony and reception there. I'm not sure if that's your style, but it might be a nice place to look. :)
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    I'm not sure about particular venues, but as a guest, as long as I have directions, I don't care how far apart or where the venues are. That was a really long sentence.  Yikes! Anyway, it's nice to have certain things be convenient for your guests, but it's not the end of the world if they have to drive, 10, 20 or 30 mintues.
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    Wow! Sak is moving there?!? That is going to be interesting...
  • vedikavedika member
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    Kinda late..But, we're doing our ceremony & reception at different venues AND on different days..lOl Make sure you provide easy to read and navigate directions. It seems like many people have a GPS and rental car companies offer a GPS system with rental. Another idea, you can have a "leader" for guests to follow to each location.
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    Yes confirmed. Sak is moving in and I am bummed.
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