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Note in Out of Town Bags

Hi Ladies!My mom is working on our out of town bags for our hotel guests and wanted to know if anyone has done these and wrote a little note inside? I am looking for ideas on what to write to welcome our guests. I am drawing a complete blank... I think my brain is on over load :) Any ideas on what I can write. TIA

Re: Note in Out of Town Bags

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    We used a little poem:As we come upon our special day,S & A would like to sayWelcome and enjoy your stay, and thanks for coming all this way.Please enjoy these gifts that we share,they are brought to you with love and care.Welcome to Cincinnati!It's cheesy but my Mom really liked it.I think just a heartfelt welcome and we're so happy to have you celebrating with us is enough. GL!
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    Hey jiml,I actually have mine in the "templates" section of my married bio.hth  :)
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    Do you all have advice on what to put in OOT bags? Most of my guests are coming from Columbus and Louisville, so I'd like to do something. Thanks!
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    We put the following in our bags:2 bottles of waterGranola barMintstissues A cincinnati guide of things to do (from AAA & it's wonderful)Graeters tea cookiespeanutscrackersaspirintumsoh and some dove chocolate
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    We put the following in our gable boxes:Pack of advilPack of tylenolBag of Grippos chipsBag of goldfish2 granola bars2 black and white cookiesPacket of mintsOOT brochureOOT thank you letterPhotoshare card
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