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Where is everyone?

Since it's almost the end of September and almost all of us have celebrated our 1 month being married. I want to know. Where do you and your DH hope to be by next year?My DH and I have started the process of looking for our first home. We want to live in the city of Atlanta and I want to start my own stationary business on the side.

Re: Where is everyone?

  • In one year: Paul and I will be in our first home, I will be pregnant (as long as things go as planned) and I will hopefully be a freelance writer on the side. Paul will be working from home and making more money, since his job is switching over to working from home in a few months. I'm excited for a year from now!
  • right now, we're renovating a house that I bought when I was 20. I ended up renting it out because the mortgage was much more than I even made in a month. now that the renters have moved out and I (along with DH) make more money, we're renovating it to our liking, refinancing, and moving back in. by next year, I'd like for us to be comfortable and completely settled in the newly improved house. DH is in the process of switching from being a govt contractor to a govt employee, so hopefully that'll will be done by then as well. I'd also like to try to go back to school at some point. working full time makes it extremely hard, but I think I could do it. the only problem now is choosing what I'd like to study.
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  • Wow, so much will probably change in a year.  DH's pretty much guessing he'll get laid off sometime before next spring, so in one year I hope he has finished his degree and has a stable career.  And I hope to be working at a school and continuing with my licensure classes in special ed.
  • DH and I will be out of Wyoming by next year. He will be in Grad school and I will be working, and hopefully starting to save for a home.

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  • In a year, I will be done with school. Hallelujah! So hopefully by then I will have a good job, DH and I will be house shopping, and most likely just starting the kid talk.
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  • Hopefully within the next year we will be looking at buying our first home. DH works for his father and he will hopefully be getting a promotion (he deserves one) in that time. I would like to be able to start working part time and go to school full time (right now I'm the other way around). Its really important to me to finish my degree before we have the kid talk. Crazy to think we are already thinking about our first anniversary!
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  • I figured a year would be long enough to mark change.
  • I'm excited! I can't wait to figure out a creative way to celebrate our first year!
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  • I will finish my masters in the spring, so in a year from now I will hopefully have a new job. Depending on the opportunities available we may or may not decide to move. If we don't, I hope that we will have finished renovating our current house. Kyle will hopefully have a new job as well :)
  • We are going to start trying to have kids within the year, so hopefully we will be pregnant by then.  We plan to do a lot of traveling while we're here in Europe, even after kids, so that is definitely part of the plan.  Both our jobs are stable, but we are just hoping that we don't have any deployments for our first year.  We'll see how that goes.
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  • Our goal is to be out of debt and make more changes to the house. We were talking last night about knocking a wall down to make a bigger master bedroom, adding 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to the basement and building a garage and mudroom.  Baby talk will be later.  Maybe at the 2 year mark.
  • A year from now we'll be nicely settled into our new home (still waiting on the house inspection, but it looks like it's ours!) and hopefully have a lot of the reno's done. I'll have my P.Eng. and hopefully have defended my master's thesis.
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  • We hope to have moved into a nicer place and depending on our finances, will be looking into buying a home. We will definately stay in the Los Angeles area. Although we have talked about trying for kids in a year, it will depend on where we are with school as well as where we live. Our place is tiny and we don't see ourselves having a baby while we live there.

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  • In a year, I'll be done with law school and awaiting results from the bar exam. DH and I will be searching for a new house next winter, so we can start the baby talk and have some more room. A lot changes in a year, so I'll be curious to check back in.
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  • By next year, I'll have my BA degree in the spring and hopefully I'll get to work full time again. We're going to try to get pregnant by the summer (if all goes well after my annual gyno appointment next month) and fix up the house some more.But, I wish we could get a bigger house and rent out the one we currently have 'cause I've told DH many times before, you got to have more than ONE bathroom especially when you have kids. I'll also have a new car by then and DH will drive the wheels off my current car. We'll also have our boat interior reupholstered for the summer and take it out on the water again (we haven't used it since last year when all the planning madness started).
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  • A year from now, DH (weird, I don't have time to post much lately so I almost typed "FI!") will be an RN--fingers crossed, and I'll be in my last semester of nursing school. Hopefully the economy bucks up and there will be nursing jobs around here!  I may not have my job after next spring, as it's a limited tenure position.  Now I remember I have to be worried about that.  Boo.
  • Well I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest gal on the board and as such DH and I are both still working on college degrees with no hopes for being done in a year. So although I will have a new car in a year, that's pretty much the only thing changing since we won't have our careers in place or the funds to purchase a house. And we're definitely not ready for any babies lol
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  • A year from now, hopefully, I'll be pregnant and we'll start looking for a house to buy, but we're not in a hurry. We figure we'll be in this apartment until summer 2011. DH will be in school part time, chugging away at his degree. We'll probably both have different cars. I hesitate to say new, because they probably won't be new cars, but the ones we have now aren't in the best shape, and we did buy both of them new several years ago. I will probably be at my same job, because its stable and secure, but I haven't enjoyed it in a long time and I've been looking half seriously for something new for a while now.
  • Umm... Thailand?

    Now jumping domestically.


    Well that was a crazy couple of years.

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  • in one year - hopefully we will have a baby, been done renovating our house and I will be enjoying my year long mat leave :o)
  • A lot depends on what happens at the doctor's appointment we have next week.  We are going to try to get pregnant, but it's not going to be easy.  If we have a baby, we will have to move out of this condo - it's not big enough for three.If it turns out that we can't, then we will do some traveling and do some more work on the condo since we won't have to move so soon.
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  • One year: Baby, he'll be a successful new chiropractor, and we'll live out west.And I'm really hoping we've sold my house by then :/
  • In the next year, hopefully, I will have found a job in a school system somewhere close to where we live and then we will start working on baby plans. And also getting the house completely set up how we want it.
  • In one year, DH will be starting up his last semester of nursing school!  We will be forever fixing up our home, and we are hoping to either be pregnant or have a baby by then.

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  • In a year I don't think we will have much changes being that we are both still in collge and will be done till fall of 2010. Definately no kids yet. I think I'm still to young for that being I am 21. Maybe we will take a nice trip somewhere.

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  • In a year I will be done with my masters (YAY!), DH is starting a new job in a couple of weeks hopefully about an hour from our house, so maybe we will move and I will find a new teacher position sometime in the next year.  If we stay in my current job we might be starting to try to get pregnant in a year.  If not, I will need to teach for a bit in my new job before taking maternity leave.  Some is up in the air right now...
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