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September 2010 Weddings

September Goals Recap - How'd you do ladies?

How'd you do on your September goals?We got all four of ours done (woot!) - they were:- Book ceremony site- Book reception site- Set up meeting with potential officiant (will be on 11/7)- Go through my stash of wedding mags and weed them out.Yay!

Re: September Goals Recap - How'd you do ladies?

  • I can barely remember what my goals were, but in September we...-Booked the DJ-Bought supplies for the card box & love sign for the sweet table-Picked out our cake topper (just need to order it now)-Started working on the monogram


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  • Ugh, as soon as i saw the title of this post i was so disappointed in myself! haha! I was a bit productive considering my serious problem with being indecisive. Goals Completed:BM dresses chosen and paid forMy dress chosen Engagement pics completedOfficiant bookedMenu decidedBought guest book, FG basket, RB pillow, flutes, cake servers (HUGE ONE!!!!) Goals NOT Completed:My dress bought- this will be soooon!Church booked- serious delimaDJ booked-waiting til after Vegas tripBy the end of October i'm going to buy my dress, book the dj, book the church, decide the caterer and hopfully just pick up more odds and ends... annnd maybe have the STDs ready.. pray for me!! haha
  • I don't remember what my goals were either!We managed to:*Scope out possible photo locations*Book photographer/videographer*Finalize date & TIME with church*Picked my dress and put down deposit! (and scored points with FMIL by inviting her along)*Tried out a few more BM dressesI'm pretty sure we missed a few, but those will end up being October goals!
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  • This month we booked our photographer, scheduled our e-pics, and booked our videographer.And today we booked our DJ!!!!!
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  • Got my photog booked! :)
  • Reception, catering, and DJ booked! Biggest goal after those was to figure out style, colors, theme--happy to say we finally did! Big October goals include booking our photographer (we've already met with about half of the ones were interested in) and pinning down ceremony details. Okay, not really details, still need an officiant and location. You're all so on top of things! I feel like a slacker.
  • Eh, I don't know what my goals were (not even sure if I posted any) but regardless, we accomplished the following: -pre-cana-to determine/narrow down the bridesmaids dresses-schedule appt to try them on-book transportation-set aside hotel room block
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  • I managed to get all my September goals accomplished! -booked church for ceremony -booked reception venue interviewed photographers, docs, and officiants In October I will be booking photog, doc and officiant and interviewing djs    
  • i don't know that i set any september goals since i was being a slacker, but i at least set up the hotel block...hopefully october will be more productive!
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  • Ugh I definitely didn't complete many goals.- Got hotel blocks booked- Put together STD's to get ready to send out- Narrowed down my dress to my top 2- Set BM dresses- Chose favors - I was going to do something edible but then I saw these really cute coasters that I love for a good price. And we only have to do one per couple :) The younger guests will be given something else.That's all..... I have much more to do for Oct!!  
  • I didn't post my goals before, but I'm naming off my checks anyway! - Booked church & reception venue - Booked photographer - Booked DJ - Ordered my dress - Ordered jewelry for dress - Asked BMs, FGs, and RB to be in the wedding, FI did his groomsmen - Met with DOCs, decor rental places and videographers- Picked colors- Set budget- Bought candy buffet supplies, pomanders, sheperds hooks, unity candle and tealights from other knottiesI think that's the main stuff!
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  • I was bad in September :) didnt do a thing! but i will get back on the ball soon! :)
  • I dont remember what my goals were, but I FINALLY got my monogram and got my islerunner, got my "love" sign for $5 at ross to paint, didnt take e-pict yet, found a new venue got an estimated guest list from my Fi's mom-86 bringing my list to an even 220. sorted out my centerpeices and looked at places to get Fi's ring.. all in all not bad
  • I didn't have any specific goals/deadlines set for Sept, but I do feel like we got a lot done!- contracts signed for both venues and paid the deposit for ceremony (reception coordinator isn't in a rush to get our money yet) :)- found the dress (will order in Oct, boutique is having a sale AND donating proceeds to breast cancer)- booked photog- bought TONS (like 30-40) various sized glass, cylinder vases and votive holders. This is an ongoing "to-do". I want candles EVERYWHERE! I'm feeling really accomplished all of the sudden!
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